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Some weird illnesses going on

FatstratFatstrat Member Posts: 9,147
edited December 2013 in General Discussion
In the past week I've known of two people who have become VERY ill in a short time span with weird diagnoses.
One was fine Christmas morning at church. Went to dinner at relatives and began to chill. Soon had 103 degree temperature. Went to hospital, immediately in ICU. Nearly died. Still in hospital. From fine to nearly dead, all in a few hours. Docs say E coli.
Another driving home from traveling job for Christmas. Thought he had a cold.Nothing to worry about. Then his feet went numb. Then his legs. Pulled over, called Ambulance. But the time they found him he was COMPLETELY paralyzed. Still is. Docs say not likely to ever recover. Pneumonia supposedly caused it.
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