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I also Won a Locust Fork auction.

perry shooterperry shooter Member Posts: 17,390
edited September 2011 in General Discussion
I don't have it in hand yet just sent in payment . This was The one with Civilian serial number but sent to Argentina Navy only 37 numbers away from my PRE WAR National match and BOTH have the Swartz safety. One with the same Swartz safety is pictured in Clawson's book also shipped to Argentina is just 40 numbers away from the one I got from Kasey. the 15 minute rule cost me 3 more bids and $$$ but banks and stock market is in toilet so Old man needs to have some JOY. Picture is of my National match 1911%20PRE%20WAR%20N.M.2.JPG

EDIT Yes Scott the navy shows some wear BUT I really like the fact of the swartz safety. Most of these were imported and VERY few show up for sale. If they do they most times they have been rode hard and put away wet.


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