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What?s your sleep number?

1911a1-fan1911a1-fan Member Posts: 51,193 ✭✭
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I have been thinking about getting one of those sleep number beds or similar, does anyone have one?, and could give some feedback? And what was the actual cost?, seams that they keep that a secret


  • mateomasfeomateomasfeo Member Posts: 27,143
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    My sleep number is 69.



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  • ZERODINZERODIN Member Posts: 6,338
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    2. Chicks at the same time. If I had a million dollars, that is.
  • RJ53RJ53 Member Posts: 27 ✭✭
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    Depends on what size you get but we got the King and it ran around 1800.00 if memory serves me right. Can't tell you how well they hold up since We returned ours, just couldn't sleep well on it. I think it's alot more hype than anything else and I would never buy another one. I must also say that we were using a king waterbed before we tried it and we went back to the waterbed after about 10 days of misery. If you do decide to try one though you might want to check out ordering it from the website, sometimes they have better deals than the local stores. JMHO
  • nunnnunn Forums Admins, Member, Moderator Posts: 35,711 ******
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    I have a Select Comfort, but it is the older model before they had numbers. You just blow it up until you like it and leave it there.

    Should I have to replace it, I wouldn't think it money ill spent to get another Select Comfort, but I would take a look at the Tempur-Pedic first.

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  • rldowns3rldowns3 Member Posts: 6,096
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    My sleep number is 3, that is the # of springs I have to dodge in my current matress to be comfortable. [:p][:D] One of these days I'll replace it. [:D]

  • Warpig883Warpig883 Member Posts: 6,459
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    We have one of the air pump beds. Not select comfort but another brand I don't remember the name of. Had it for 5 years now and will never go back. Wife keeps hers soft and mine is hard, no more back problems for either of us.

    The compressor did go out last year and was replaced free ( I had to pay shipping).

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  • MooseyardMooseyard Member Posts: 2,541 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I have a Select Comfort, and I love it. Sometimes I need a hard bed, sometimes I like it soft. I can change it as often as I like. When I bought mine the controllers that had the numbers on them were an extra $100. I decided to just get the plain remotes, so I don't know what my sleep number is. I would definetly get another one.

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  • littlema_3littlema_3 Member Posts: 205 ✭✭✭
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    I want a new bed, maybe someday.

    how much do those beds cost????


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  • nunnnunn Forums Admins, Member, Moderator Posts: 35,711 ******
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    My ex bought this one. It is a king waterbed replacement so it is a little bigger than a normal king. She got the deluxe pillow top option, too. I think it cost about $1200.

    Never buy more than one Select Comfort, even if you think you want more than one. About a year after we bought ours, they sent us a discount offer in the mail and we bought twin mattresses for the kids for about $150 each.

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  • pickenuppickenup Member Posts: 22,846 ✭✭✭✭
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    Took a while to make up my mind to get and air mattress. I didn't want to give up the "heat" a waterbed gives off. Finally tried one (with a electric blanket) won't go back to water again. We don't have a number, like nunn, we just fill it up till it feels good.

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  • ghotie_thumperghotie_thumper Member Posts: 1,561 ✭✭
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    I just bought a Serta posturpedic, the redding model. It has 2, 3" layers of the "memory" foam plus a couple other layers of foam over the coils. I had forgotten what it was like to sleep. I fall asleep faster, deep dreamy stuff and wake up without the back pain. I can sleep on my back again, or my side it doesn't matter, I don't wake up every 3-4hrs in pain to roll over to other side. I swear our old mattress was at least 18yrs old, we bought it used (ugh). I don't know about the sleep numbers and all the lindsay wagner stuff but the Serta is great. It was on sale for 1400.00 and I honestly haven't slept this good in years..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  • Ray BRay B Member Posts: 11,822
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    My wife and I have a Serta, that we've had for about 25 years and have no complaint- when I have trouble sleeping it's because the old PTSD is acting up; Some friends of ours have the super air bed. I forget the name. But they really like it, I think because of the size difference between them. He's 5'11" and between 350-400 lbs; shes 5'8" and about 170. If they had a spring mattress I suspect he'd roll over and squash her, but with dual controls, they get along fine- or at least that's what I'm told, not having been there.
  • RickstirRickstir Member Posts: 628 ✭✭✭✭
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    My wife was injured in a truck accident and we had to get rid of our water bed. We got the cheapes king-size Select Comfort. No frills, like numbers on the controls, no pillow-top, etc. Cost $900. We love it. We can get a $50 pillow-top matress cover if we need to. Right now it is doing very well for us.

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  • 1911a1-fan1911a1-fan Member Posts: 51,193 ✭✭
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    ok its been 10 years since I asked this lol

    now its been 6 months since we purchased a king sleep number c2 with cooling gel, all I can say is I waited too damn long to get rid of that serta torture device

    only con is it took awhile to figure out where its perfect for me, now I melt into the mattress, some nights I sleep so deep I wake up a bit sore from not tossing and turning, but it goes away pretty quick
  • fishkiller41fishkiller41 Member Posts: 50,608
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    Looks like about 0405 today.
    G'night y'all..
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