so, i post some gun pics on facebook

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and my lifelong friend and cousin and obammy liberal corrine replies:

Corinne There are so many great toys for men to play with and collect- Tommy dear, get another hobby!
53 minutes ago ? Like

Tom sorry cuz, but i gave up drinking, drugs and chasing women. collecting guns and coins are my recreation now. surely you understand the need for recreation (being in the health care industry yourself). now, i know that your socialist POS president wants to repeal the second amendment...but like charlatan heston said, "out of my cold dead hands".
a few seconds ago ?

now, this is the same cuz that rallied the troops to send me nasty emails when i slammed obammy last week on Facebook!
but i'm not angry with her.
i'm angry that none of the anti socialism folks jumped in to cover me.
that's why obammy will be around 4 more years.....[:(]



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