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Last Friday.

quote:EUGENE, Ore. -- Records show Cheryl Kidd admitted to shooting EPD officer Chris Kilcullen.

KEZI confirmed Monday she bought the gun at Mazama Sporting Goods at the Valley River Mall.

Kidd's sister Marlene Morphew told KEZI Tuesday Cheryl had been diagnosed with mental health issues years ago.

The tragedy raises the question: Should people with severe mental illnesses be allowed to buy a gun?

Lane County Mental Health managers say they can't speak to this case specifically, but they say anyone diagnosed with a mental illness has, in most cases, the same rights as someone who doesn't.

Morphew says Cheryl was taking medication, although she doesn't know if that was the case last week during the incident with Kilcullen.

"When things like this happen, people try to draw a correlation between mental illness and violence," said Alan Levine, Lane County Mental Health Manager.

Lane County Mental Health managers say 7,000 to 9,000 residents get mental health treatment every year.

But how many of those own a gun?

Experts say studies show people who have a mental illness are more likely to hurt themselves than anyone else.

"The vast majority are not violent and tend to be more victims of violence then they are perpetrators," Levine said.

But that wasn't the case with Kidd.

"I don't know. My guess is she just snapped. It's just sad for both families involved," Morphew said.

Kidd's attorney Gordon Mallon says his client will have a full psychiatric evaluation, and then "depending on how that comes out mental defenses are mounted. It just depends on the facts."

The system in Oregon to buy a gun essentially works like this.

If you're civilly committed, meaning you are a danger to yourself or others because of a mental illness, then your name is put on a list and you're not allowed to buy a gun, ever.

Now they are having a special session to study what to do about this.

Me Need to put in Jail any Mental Health Provider that does not report someone who is a danger. See the Bold above.


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    The upside...the Tactical boys shot the little scum-sucking SOB when he pointed a gun to the head of his hostage.


    I'm getting sick of this crap. Maybe it's time to find some pretty country like in the pictures some of you guys post here. After almost 40 years here, it might be time.
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    Patrolman Jonathan J. Schroeder, 37, was taken by police to MetroHealth Medical Center, where he died from his injuries.

    Mayor Frank Jackson, Safety Director Martin Flask and dozens of officers camt to MetroHealth to support Schroeder's family.

    The officer's family lives in Pittsburgh and the Ohio Highway Patrol and scores of police cars escorted the family to Cleveland in the early morning hours.

    A 37-year-old man named Wilson Santiago was arrested after the shooting.

    Police and Steve Loomis, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association, described the morning's events this way:

    Schroeder was one of 12 to 15 officers from the First District serving a warrant on a burglary and rape suspect.

    As Schroeder and the others prepared to batter down the door, the wanted man peaked out, saw the police, slammed the door, then fired two shots it.

    One hit a squad car. The other hit the 10-year veteran under the arm, where his bullet-proof vest does not cover. The bullet, fired from a .357-caliber magnum handgun, punctured his heart.

    He was taken to MetroHealth, but it was too late. He leaves behind a wife and an infant son.
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    A 22-year veteran of the Euclid police force died Wednesday evening when his car skidded into a pole and caught fire on an entrance ramp to Interstate 90.

    George Brentar, 49, was trying to catch up to a speeder on North Lakeland Boulevard, just north of I-90, when his car hydroplaned and the right rear end hit a pole. The car immediately burst into flames, Sgt. Andy Veres said.

    Brentar was looking for speeders about 5:40 p.m. near East 200th Street, Veres said, but was not chasing the car that he was going to pull over.

    Two off-duty police officers from Erie, Pa., who saw the accident while driving on I-90, stopped and tried to pull Brentar from the burning car, but they could not get close enough.

    Firefighters from Cleveland, Euclid and South Euclid also could do nothing to help.

    "The car was just too fully engulfed in flames," Veres said.

    Officers lose control of their cars occasionally, but Veres said has never seen an accident like this.

    Jerry Bruss, Brentar's neighbor in Mentor, said Wednesday night that Brentar was "the ultimate family man."

    "Everything he did was with his kids," Bruss said. Brentar's two children are in ninth and seventh grade.

    Bruss said Brentar was known for organizing neighborhood campouts in which kids set up tents between homes, played games and had a bonfire.

    "He was always trying to bring everybody together," Bruss said.
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    Friday night in Cleveland Ohio Office Derek Owens was shot. He was rushed to Metro General by his co-workers (joking all the time that their driving was going to kill him) and rushed into surgery. Later that night he was rushed back into surgery where he passed away from multiple gunshot wounds to the abdomen (he was wearing a vest, it just doesn't go down that far).

    A memorial page has been set up for him at My Space.


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    How terrible.

    Maybe Gunbroker and it's members should start sending a card from all of us to the families of fallen LEO's and those in the military?
    Half of the lives they tell about me aren't true.
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    Arrangements for Detective Jonathan "A.J." Schroeder include:

    A viewing from 2 to 9 p.m. Tuesday at A.

    Ripepi & Sons Funeral Home, 18149 Bagley Road, Middleburg Heights.

    A Mass at 11 a.m. Wednesday at St. John

    Cathedral, East Ninth Street and Superior

    Avenue, Cleveland.

    Burial will be in Monroeville, Pa.


    The Cleveland Police Credit Union is collecting donations for the Jonathan Schroeder Memorial Fund. For more information, call 216-861-3535 or go to www.cppa.org.

    Whatever my scheduale on Tuesday i am going to do my best to stop by Ripepi's.
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    It's horrible whenever it happens but when I hear they have little children it makes it worse.
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    Way to much of this has been happening the last few months. We were Mourning a North Carolina Highway Patrolman then had a Deputy was wounded by a gun shot from a prisoner and one shot and killed near Va.Tech by the same scum, within 50 miles of where I live. My Badge's have had Mourning Bands on them for way to long.
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    The scum who did the shooting is alive. When the officer was shot his back up started blasting away at the house, but the scumbag surrendered knowing he would not live otherwise. he then tried to escape when they were placing him in the car. Personally I wish they had not stopped shooting. [:(!]
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    Released by the Cleveland Police Dept.

    "On behalf of the entire Schroeder family I would like to express our gratitude and heartfealt thanks to the law enforcement community and the people of the greater Cleveland area for their outpouring of support and their prayers during this most difficult time. We would ask for the continued respect of our privacy while our family deals with this tragedy.

    Jeff Schroeder
    Brother of Fallen Cleveland Police Officer Jonathan "AJ" Schroeder
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    quote:Originally posted by 46270
    prayers to his family.

    I found out that I am working Tuesday from 0900 - 1900. At least I have time to change uniforms and hit the funeral home in the last hour. I expect a lot of traffic in that area.
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    It looks like New York State trooper Joseph Longobardo didn't make it.
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