Does the ignorance continue to spread ?

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I try to help 'educate' people who spread the 'ban the black gun' mentality without sounding like a gun nut. I do find it difficult to discuss things on that level of un-informed reasoning. This most recent account surprized me so, I had to air it to others to believe.

I belong to a convenient indoor range in my area. It changed hands a few months ago. The two good guys that owned the shop sold it 'lock/stock/and barrel' to some lawyers. One of the original owners is actually managing it for them (SWEET !).

I go in with my nephew and sign him in as a 'guest'. The guy at the counter says "We don't have a guest policy anymore. You can't bring him in as a guest". I replied " WHAT ? , he can't shoot ? "
The clerk says "Oh, he can shoot, he just has to sign in himself and pay the day rate". AARGH ! a difference of a few bucks and a signature.

Things go along until he sees that one of our guns is an AK.
"Non-Members cannot shoot any AK-style weapons" says the clerk.
By now I have taken a few deep breaths.....And I really don't need to shoot it, but my nephew would like to.
I say "I can shoot it, just not him" ? Clerk says " Right"
I say "Can he shoot the SKS " ? Clerk says " Sure "
I say "Can he shoot the M-14" ? Clerk says " Yeah "
I say "Can he shoot the auto handguns" ? Clerk says " Sure "
We enjoy a nice shoot, a little competition, some fun, and pack up to leave.

I told my nephew to start taking stuff back out to the truck.
I descreetly asked the clerk to come to the side counter.
I asked if he saw anything a bit "off" about the AK policy.
His reply was "We were required to view some video on recognizing assault weapons, so that we could prevent non-members from shooting them. "....I said " I'll be right back" and go to the truck.
I return with a mini-14 and ask "can a non-member shoot this"
He sez "OK"
I insert a 30 round mag and ask "can a non-member shoot this",
He sez "that is a 223 caliber gun, right ? "
I say "yes, it is"
He says " OK, that is fine"
I hold up the mini and ask "Is this an assault weapon"
He says " It looks like one, but since it is not 7.62x39 it is not"
At this point I realize that this discussion MAY educate this newbie clerk, which may only further restrict me.

I fear my sons may have a tough go in their future because
I have infused my (gun) values into them.
I am now further energized to do ALL I CAN before I'm gone.


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    Show up with a FAL, HK91, etc. Not 7.62x39, so it should be OK right? Or how about a 223 AK type?
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    I wouldn't be worrying about it! It's been my personal experience, that a lot of the folks who work the counters at firing ranges, are McDonalds rejects, i.e. they didn't have a high enough I.Q. to remember to ask the customer, "Do you want fries with that".

    I got run off a range by one of those imbeciles once, because one of my hand loads for a black powder revolver had a cartridge case with a tapered neck. He adamantly insisted that no handgun ammo with bottle neck cases could be fired at the range. That the revolver was 90+ years old and not physically able to fire high velocity ammo, was totally oblivious to this mentally retarded cretin.
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    So what part of California do you live in? [xx(]
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