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brit 303 #4 mk1 local dealer got 10 assorted military firearms in friday,as i was the only customer in the place i got pick of the liter.it shoots very well.bayonet and original sling,all for $150.00


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    Half of the lives they tell about me aren't true.
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    That is nice! That was my first high powered rifle -
    followed quickly by the Jungle Carbine.

    Mine cost me &19.95 - mail order - shipped to my door!
    ... that was in 1960! ... just a little short of 50
    years ago!

    Do you know that there are quite a few Common Wealth
    countries that still use the old Enfields as front-line
    rifles? I was just reading that the Indians and Pakies'
    still prefer them in the high mountains because of the
    superior ability to function in the extreme environments
    of cold, ice, mud and snow. Other places they are still
    used because of the extremes of jungle environments - mud
    and moisture, etc. Can't say that about many rifles that
    have been around for more than a hundred years! [:D]
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    zipper, my first one of these was in 1963 also mail order 19.95 from some place in chicago.you didn't happen to get yours out of chicago too. i can't remember the name of the place,but i think the ad was in outdoor life.
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    brier-49: No, I'm not sure ... maybe, but I think it was
    from a place up in Los Angeles.

    Remember, for $50 you could get an NRA 'Good' 1911 .45?

    I bought a couple and mine were almost new! I think they
    were holstered for a year or so in some office in the
    Pentagon or some stateside fort somewhere. Jeesh, I miss
    those days!

    I could also go to the swapmeet (flea market) here - any
    of about 20 in San Diego - and buy as many Lugers in an after-
    noon for $50 each! guys who brought them back from WWII were
    cleaning out their garages for the first time in those days.
    I remember a cardboard box full of Nambu's - some were Baby
    Nambu's - that a guy couldn't give away ... nobody wanted
    that "* junk!"[:D]
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    Interesting the way the stock tapers behind the receiver.

    Great find!
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    Nice. The British 303 is fun to shoot. The Jungle Carbine is a blast too.
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