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I found a gun that looked kind interesting to me. It is a browning a-bolt 300win stainless/synthetic w/ boss. is this over kill for whitetails? it says that the boss reduces the felt recoil from 29 to 19 pounds.....sound true?


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    I dont know what the recoil reduction is but the sound will increase greatly. I know with the boss you can "tune" your rifle and I belive it does reduce recoil, how much I am not sure. The increase in noise is the real killer.
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    Yeah, I think it does greatly reduce the recoil. I have a Remington 700 in a 270 with a synthetic stock. It has a tremendous greater amount of recoil than my cousins Browning 7mm synthetic stock with a Boss. Local gunsmith also thinks the snythetic atock also increases the shock and recoil.
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    Yes, 300WM is WAY overkill for whitetail [V]
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    The recoil is cut down a GREAT deal...but what a friggin nightmare of an ear-buster!!!!!
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    It should greatly reduce the recoil, if you don't kill the whitetail with it, the noise of the shot should give it a heartattack though. 300 mag will roll a whitetail.
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    quote:Originally posted by DaBowMan18
    I found a gun that looked kind interesting to me. It is a browning a-bolt 300win stainless/synthetic w/ boss. is this over kill for whitetails? it says that the boss reduces the felt recoil from 29 to 19 pounds.....sound true?

    IMHO, 300WM is not an overkill for whitetails. I shoot 180g from javelina/pronghorn antelope to elk/moose between 75 yards to 400 yards.

    The BOSS simply tunes the vibrations of the barrel (to the sweet spot) while reducing the felt recoil. The muzzle brake (not BOSS) on my 300WM reduces the felt recoil to .243. Sound blast is deafening and should take proper hearing protection. Should also be mindful of the muzzle blast at all times.

    Having said that, with all the adrenaline going, you won't feel the recoil or noise when you are out in the field but I still recommend at least a foamie ear plug.
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    The BOSS system will make it a tack driver. If the recoil is too much, or you think 300 mag is overkill for your deer (like the 90 pounders here in N Florida) then you can set up a simple reloading system and load reduced loads that duplicate 308 level performance. Then tune the BOSS to make 'em accurate.
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    The sound on those makes your ears bleed even with ear plugs. Run down tothe Browning store and pick a a conventioanl recoil BOSS. You will still be able to tune the barrel and you ears will not bleed. Last I looked the conventional recoil BOSS was $20.00
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    The Boss works as advertised. It reduced the recoil on my Winchester Mdl 70 .338Win Mag to the level of a 30-06. The A-Bolt is a very nice rifle. 300 Win Mag is a awesome caliber for many uses.

    No caliber is really over-kill....Dead is dead. As mentioned you do not need to use full power loads; tune the load to the job.

    The BOSS does indeed increase noise to the shooter and to bystanders. It reduces recoil by reducing the jet effect of the hot gasses. The jet effect can account for 30% of the felt recoil when firing a gun. The boss re-directs the gasses in a circle around the barrel. This is what re-directs the noise from the sonic blast of gas to the shooters ears.

    However; inserting plugs before shooting is seldom a problem.
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    ...No, not overkill...just go to a small grn round...bigger grain if you go after muleies or elk.

    Yes, big reduction in recoil. I have a Browning A Bolt Medallion, w/a ported B.O.S.S....and...amplifies the blast, and?...ever heard a quite big cal rifle?
    If you don't reload it's worth it...you can change grns. of your round and just "dial in" for that weight round...and stay accurate w/o sigthing in again.

    Out of the box, w/150grn. .06...5/8" 4 shot group @ 100yds. from a sleeping bag rest off the hood of my truck...it's more accurate than I am...[;)]

    PS BaBow: there's ported...and non ported...no port=no recoil reduction, obvious.

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    Have a Winchester 270 with the BOSS system, recoil is reduce by 25-30 percent. The increase in noise is amazing. Muzzel blast (for anyone standing beside you) will scare the crap out of them. I could drive nails with mine.
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    Not overkill, but that boss will ruin your hearing.
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    That will reduce the recoil to about the lever of a .30-06 which is plenty of rifle for any deer (yes that includes elk and moose) in North America, you can buy cartridges anywhere including small towns, and you do not have to put up with that dreadful noise.

    ' course it won't sound as cool as .300 mag. Why buy a rifle chambered for a round you find unpleasant to shoot, then have to spend more money looking for a way to make it less unpleasant in order to hunt whitetails which will fall very nicely indeed for a .243? Makes no sense to me whatever old son.
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    heck yeah! .30-06 is almost overkill for whitetails
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