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Just how does one go about getting a class III for collecting a full auto weapon, whats is the tax, I was told it was $200.00. is that per year or at time of purchase?
I saw knob hill, and have saved up a nest egg.


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    How difficult and expensive is it to procure and maintain a Class III license? The rifle I'm looking at is a semi-auto firing HK 51 - possessing a 9 inch barrel - which drops it into the machine gun class. If the license lapses, is the licensee then required to surrender all Class III guns? Thanks for the info.
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    It's a one-time payment.
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    Must be legal in your state/city.
    Application to the BATF, local sheriff has to signing off on it.
    Fingerprints, photo, background check.
    Pay $200, one time tax.
    Pay 10-20 times what a gun is worth.
    Pay for LOTS of ammo.
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    It's $200 PER GUN. It isn't a "license".

    Go to www.subguns.com for more info. That is THE place for info about C3.

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    It is a tax.
    An actual $200.00 tax stamp (looks like a postage stamp) is attached to the paperwork when returned to the owner, that is if the transfer was approved.
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    It's a matter of terminology. It's a tax, but is basically a transfer fee that must be paid by the receiver prior to taking ownership.

    Considering that it was 1934, this outrageous fee was set in order to limit the number of Class III holders. Surprisingly, this amount hasn't gone up since it's inception.

    If you're thinking of collecting, look into setting up a corporation and having these firearms become it's property. The regs are different.
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    My mistake totally, I KNOW it isn't a tax......it is a LICENSE! :)


    Merc (who has paid quite a few of those "TAXES" and has the stamps to prove it!

    Merc (wow......what a typo!)
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