What's that in your bra??

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With video


Ohio - For some reason an Ohio woman was concealing not a weapon but a squirrel during a police interview.

Last Friday, Warren, Ohio, police detective Wayne Mackey was questioning a witness on a murder case and at one point in the conversation she bent over and out came a baby squirrel.

As you can see in the video listed to the right, the woman did not seem to be fazed at all and put the squirrel back inside her top and kept talking to the detective.

Detective Mackey was at a loss for words after this happened.

"No, I was not prepared to see a woodland creature in the interview room. I kept right on talking to her and listening to her. I didn't acknowledge it at all. I really didn't know what to say," he said.

The detective says he is not sure if the squirrel was the woman's pet or not and he has no idea why she decided to bring it to the interview

Neither the woman nor the squirrel are expected to testify during the trial


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