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UFO Human Mutilations w/ pics

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Since I published the article Human Mutilation Victim [ ] I have received 100's of emails from people asking if I had any knowledge of other Human Mutilation cases, and if possible could I publish another article and include the photos that accompanied the cases. As I have stated previously I am "not" in possession of the photographs that I was shown back in 1994.

What I offer you below is a case from Brazil where the photos were published in UFO Magazine (UK) September/October 1995 issue. The photos were presented by Brazilian Ufologist Encarnacio Zapata Garcia and Dr rubens Goes who obtained them from Brazilian police files. These depicted a mutilated corpse of an adult male. More disturbing, it was alleged that the police had intimated there may be at least a dozen more cases similar to this particular case uncovered near the Guarapiranga Reservoir, Brazil, on 29 September 1988.

A UFO investigator and author Mr G. Cope Schellhorn travelled to Brazil to conduct his own investigation. What follows are a few paragraphs of his report.

"When I learned of the Guarapiranga case through Brazilian Ufologist A.J. Gevaerd, who published the related photographs in his magazine UFO, my interest was stimulated and I quickly made plans for a trip to Brazil. In Sao Paulo I met Encarnacion Garcia at the home of the well known Ufologist Claudeirn Cobo, and talked with her at length. Then I travelled to Campo grande and questioned Gevaerd. He was kind enough to supply me with second generation photos of the Guarapiranga Reservoir victim, having himself become thoroughly convinced that the evidence supported the case was authentic, and that the case was UFO-related. I came to the same conclusions because all other alternatives were neither supported by facts or by good logic, whereas the similarities to numerous cattle mutilations which I have studied in the U.S. were startling, and exactly paralleling what I had seen many times before".

The specifics of the case are as follows:
Encarnacion Garcia learned from her friend, Dr Rubens Goes, that he was in possession of some rather odd photographs which had been given to him by his cousin, police technical Rubens Sergio. These were official photographs of a body that had been found near Guarapiranga Reservoir on the 29 September 1988, of an unnamed male who was later identified. The name of this man has been withheld from all media investigators, including UFO investigators at the request of his relatives. After studying the photographs Encarnacion Garcia was impressed with how similar the wounds of the body were to the incisions found on the carcasses of so many UFO related animal deaths, knowledge which the original investigating police officials and medical doctors involved did not possess. Usurpingly Dr Cuenca, Head of the primary investigation, offered his files on the case. This was a stroke of luck and contained the all important autopsy description to which I will later refer. The initial police report, however was not extraordinary in nature except for the recognition of the body, although extremely mutilated, had no met with unusual violence; that is there were no signs of a struggle or the application of bondage of any kind.

It was the autopsy report itself which was most revealing, especially when we compare the remarks made there with what we have learned from animal mutilation cases elsewhere. It is imperative to remember, as I have stated previously, that the individuals conducting the autopsy had no knowledge of similar mutilation cases. This makes the official remarks of the report all the more revealing in retrospect.

Encarnacion Garcia received copies of seven photographs. Here is a description of the commentary: The work of the perpetrators of the atrocity, the kinds of cuts made, the precision of the cuts, the removal of whole internal organs through small apertures, lack of bleeding, the failure of the body to smell or decompose rapidly. All these are hallmarks of UFO related animal mutilations.


The body was in perfect condition. Rigor mortis had not set in and it was estimated that the victim had been killed approximately 48 to 72 hours previously. There were no signs of animal predation or putrefaction which might be expected. Strangely there was no odour cadaver. Bleeding from the wounds had been minimal. The black colouration found in the face area and in other places within the photo is partly due to light exposure when this photo and others were taken. As can clearly be seen, flesh and lips have been excised around the mandibles. as is common in cattle and other animal mutilations, the autopsy report noted that the eyes and ears were also removed and the mouth cavity was emptied. Removal of these body parts, included the tongue which is common enough in the animal cases. As Encarnacio Garcia rightly recognised, if a comparison of the victim with the animal mutilation cases is made, you can see that they are the same, and that is also the conclusion of experienced doctors. The doctors drew their conclusion only after they had been shown photographs of similar animal mutilation cases with which they were not previously familiar.

The autopsy report states: "There has been removal of extensive tissue along the many parts of the face, head and neck of the victim. There has also been extraction of ocular tissue, eyes, auditive internal and external organs (ears) and entire parts of the head. The tongue and several muscles were also extracted". The kinds of cuts on the cadaver are what we have come to expect in the UFO related animal mutilation cases. Of primary interest is their precision. The surgery was done with agility and care. The lack of profuse bleeding suggests the use of a instrument producing acute heat, thus cauterising almost immediately the edge of the wounds.

"Face and upper torso with arms outstretched: The axillary regions on both sides showed soft spots where the organs had been removed. Incisions were made on the face, internal thorax, abdomen, legs, arms and chest." (As Garcia observed, the Dr stated that these wounds were quite uncommon). The report goes on "shoulders and arms have preformations of one to one and half inches in diameter where tissues and muscles were extracted. The edges of the perforations were uniform and so was their size. The chest had shrunk due to the removal of the internal organs". In other words, internal organs were removed or sucked somehow through these small circular incisions. This is again very common in animal mutilation cases - probably the most strangest one that I have seen were a group of mice who had been mutilated and laid out on a lawn in a straight line. They all had a "very" tiny hole in the top of their heads and their entire brain was missing as well as the actual brain stem. All this tissue was removed via this tiny hole as there was no other injury on these mice. Of course the same has happened to goats, foxes, sheep etc. Back to the autopsy "One arm clearly demonstrates where muscle has been extracted. The shrunken chest area also indicates a similar process of internal extractions." It is significant that the police and medical examiners were convinced that the holds found in the head, arms, stomach and * were not produced by bullet wounds.

Left side of victims head : Here we see that the ear is cleanly excised. As the reports states "auditive internal and external" matter was removed.


The photo does not show the small holes discovered in the cranium. These were detected by the medical examiners. How much if any of the brain tissue was removed is not stated. The lower torso including thighs : we also find the removal of the belly button leaving a 1.5 inch hole in the abdomen and a depressed abdominal cavity showing the removal of the intestines. Brazilian doctors who later viewed the evidence were left dumb-founded by the hole in the umbilical area where, it appeared that a great number of organs had been extracted. The edge of the hole was perfect and shows a precision cut. Also, the abdominal area of the body was shrunken because of organ removal. The original autopsy report notes that the scrotum was also removed by a 3 x 15cm elliptical incision.

Victim lying on stomach : The autopsy report specifies "Removal of the *. the * orifice of the victim was extracted with a large incision about 3 x 6 inches in diameter. The rectum and other internal parts of the human discharge system were also removed."

This is of course again extremely similar to animal mutilation cases where the * has been cored out and the extraction of this human victim was (according to the researchers) a "carbon-copy" of the surgery we have seen in so many UFO related mutilation cases.

In comparison to the human mutilation photos that I have seen (refer to my original article "Human Mutilation Victim"), these photos don't come close to the clean, clear, perfect incisions that I saw that day back in 1994. The photo evidence in these two cases are what I would consider "chalk and cheese". Unfortunately I do not have the photos to show you what I have relayed to you all - so as ever we must continue to search for answers and keep our knowledge on these subjects, ever expanding.
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