Gold may be cheaper

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    Come on Slow, It does come with 7 clips[:D]
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    No way in hell. Not even with the laser grips.
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    WTH ??? thats only three times the realistic value ...estate sale my foot ...
    Thanks !!!
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    Ya got ta give the guy credit for daydreaming. We all have dreams. [:p]
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    I'd got $450.00 for the whole thing.
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    It is unbelievable what those Crimson trace laser grips/stocks sell for.

    Here's a [url=""]SP 101 in 9mm[/url] that brought $425 + shipping, so if you figure some folks actually believe the laser grips are a $300 item, $850 Buy Now! is less than $100 over "market"

    There's nothing wrong with a pie-in-the-sky Buy Now! price alone but it's not right to combine that with a hidden reserve of just a few dollars less.

    Once I put a $225 Buy Now! on what I thought was an ordinary $75 Mosin Nagant M91. It was "collectible" because it was an original configuration (even though marked SA in two locations it had not been modified other than counter boring the barrel). A very nice guy from Indy used the Buy Now! to be sure that he got the rifle for his collection. I hand delivered it to his door.
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    I too am amazed with the cost of lasers for firearms. You can buy a laser pointer for pointing at a screen to make a presentation in a meeting for under $10. But, encase the same laser pointer in a configuration to be fastened to a firearm and then you can charge $200-$300 dollars. And what is even more amazing is that we as "gun people" will buy them.

    And No, the gun versions are no stronger of a laser than the good quality hand held "pointer" lasers.
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