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GOP resolution rejects amnesty for illegals
By Ralph Z. Hallow
July 31, 2007
State Republican officials from across the country on Thursday will formally break with the desire of President Bush and other top Republican leaders to include amnesty and other benefits for illegal aliens in immigration-reform legislation.

So far, 47 members of the 168-member Republican National Committee have signed a resolution that unequivocally opposes the Bush-backed policy that would grant legal residency to millions of illegal aliens.

"My signing on to this resolution simply reflects the fact that we in the party around the country fear - and feel that no one in Washington is listening to, or cares about, what we feel about issues and policy," said Terry Strine, chairman of the Delaware Republican Party. "This lets them know."

Legitimization of illegal aliens was a key part of the Senate bill, jointly fashioned by Republican Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl of Arizona and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat, that was defeated earlier this month.

The proposed RNC resolution does not address such issues as a temporary-workers program, the issuance of "green cards" and paths to citizenship - issues that helped derail the Senate bill - but instead calls for using all means necessary to secure the borders, including the regular Army as well as the National Guard.

The RNC's Resolutions Committee is expected to approve the resolution at its Thursday session at the RNC annual summer meeting in Minneapolis-St. Paul, the site of next year's Republican presidential-nominating convention. The resolution would then go to a floor vote on Friday by the full RNC membership, made up of an elected national committeeman and woman and the elected state chairman from each state and territory.

If passed, the resolution - already endorsed by state party chairmen from 14 states in the Northeast, Midwest, South and West - would put the party officially at odds with its national leadership, including a sitting Republican president, as well as the party's Senate leaders and the national party's general chairman, Florida Sen. Mel Martinez, handpicked for the office by Mr. Bush.

While Mr. Martinez had no comment on the resolution, Republican National Chairman Robert M. "Mike" Duncan said the resolution represented no break with the party's Washington leadership.[:D]
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