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LEOs might find this absurd

11BravoCrunchie11BravoCrunchie Member Posts: 33,423 ✭✭
edited August 2006 in General Discussion
A h.s. classmate of mine posted this as a bulletin on myspace:

quote:ahhh So my older bro, Patrick.
Came to visit me. In Superior.
Then he decided to speed. 30 over.
Then the cop was nice and said he will knock off some.
Then he found out his license was suspended.
Then he found out he had a probationary warrant out.
Then the cop put the cuffs on him.
Then poor old Sarah was stuck learning to drive a stick.
Then my good friend Cody came and saved me.
So now my bro is in jail for a long time. AGAIN.
they are gay as aids.

I have three things to say to that, but I don't dare say them to her:

1: It's not the cop's fault he was driving 30 over.
2: It's not the cop's fault that he had a suspended liscence.
3: It's not the cop's fault that he was on probation.

THE LEO WAS GOING TO BUMP IT DOWN FOR HIM, AND SHE SAYS "THE POLICE??!?!?!!?!??!?!!" I think she needs to be saying, "How can my brother be so STUPID?"



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