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Check out these rules

D1D1 Member Posts: 11,412
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Read the forum rules below...

Under 3 Word Posts: If you post short one word, two word, or three word posts or some other single-word reply in a thread like "what?" "hi" "i'm gay" or smileys :-) etc. you will be banned. These posts are an obnoxious waste of server space, essentially announcing that the poster has nothing worthwhile to contribute. Poor posts are annoying and they add nothing to the thread whatsoever.

"Hi, I am new here" Posts: If you are a new member we ask that you don't make a post telling everyone you are new. We have 100's of people join here daily so if everyone did this it would get clogged up quick. Make sure your first post is a good one!

"1337" Speak: It just looks terrible and you will be labeled an idiot. Please refrain from posting in a way that is similar to how a 13 year old AIM user would (example: "idk, lik I thnk they r pretty cool"). Use at least semi 'proper' grammar, it looks better, and you won't look like a total gentleman.

Double Posting: No double posting. This is when you make a post, and then make another post right after. If you need to revise something that you wrote use the edit button.

Flame Wars: Try to refrain from participating in flame wars. Publicly putting down other members has been done 1000 times before and it is old news. It is a real turn off to everyone else in the forum. We know how tempting it may be to publicly humiliate someone on here but we ask that you keep it private. (IM, Email, or PM)

No Illegal Content: We consider any of the following illegal. Nudity/Porn, Kiddie Porn, Warez, Hacking Files, Cracks, Pirated Software, Viruses.

No Spamming: Do not link to your site and tell people to go there. Unless your link is pertinent to a discussion already in progress, any external link posted will be deleted and your account will be banned.

Causing Drama: If you continually stir up obnoxious drama of any kind in the forum you will be banned.

No Multiple Accounts: If there is more than one person using the forums from your IP address you will need to notify the moderators or you will be banned. If you are banned for any reason, do not make a new name, or you will be subject to an IP banning.

The Current Events forum is held to a higher standard of posting than the other forums. Personal attacks, insults, and other nonsense that is tolerated in the other forums will not be tolerated here. Our goal is to create a place for intelligent debate.

This is not to say that everyone has to be sickeningly polite, far from it. But you do have to be civil. The use of so called "obscene" words to express yourself is perfectly acceptable. Using sarcasm or humor to expose your opponent's ignorance is fine. But calling him an "azzhole" or telling him to "shut the f%&k up" is not. Don't say anything here that would earn you a punch in the face if you said it to someone in real life, and you should be fine.

Personal attacks will result in a ban, ranging from one day to permanent. The length of the ban will be determined by the mods on a case by case basis.

Please also refrain from blanket partisan attacks. What I mean are posts like "Conservatives are ignorant religious nuts" or "Liberals hate this country and support terrorism." Posts like these are extremely ignorant, and worse than that, extremely boring. While you won't be banned for such posts, you will look like an idiot. If you must resort to such ad hominem attacks, it means that you have no real argument, and therefore shouldn't be posting.

To keep this forum the way we would all like it, I need your help. Please use the "report post" button to report violations of the rules.


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