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What exactly is the Eddystone? I know it is supposed to be the rifle Sgt York used instead of the 03. Is it 303 or 30-06 cal? What is a good price range to buy one? What is the proper bayonet for one? Can any of you direct me to a forum to answer all question or can you do it here. Thanks, Tom


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    An "Eddystone" is actually a Enfield Model of 1917, chambered in the 30-06 cal. They were mfg'd at/by 3 places, Winchester, Remington, and at Eddystone.

    There is also an Enfield P14 which is the exact same configuration as the Model of 1917 but chambered in 303Br. for the British troops.

    I have left out a TON of info on this rifle but a quick google search will bring up more than you probably care to read.[:)]

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    Eddystone was one of the manufacturors of the US Model 1917 Magazine Rifle. Winchester and Remington also made them. Total made were about 2.2 million, with 1.2 million of these Eddystones.

    The correct bayonet is the M1917, which also fits the trench-shotguns.

    As far as price ranges, that of course varies widely with condition. If you are looking for a shooter, you can get one of the ones that were refinshed for WWII. They generally run about half of the price of an original WWI rifle.

    The last one I bought, I got here on GB. There are usually a few on here, so look around to see the current SELLING prices.
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    Second one down.
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    These guys will know everything there is to know about this fine rifle.


    BTW, I always thought York used a 1917 Enfield but I've read recently that this is incorrect, he actually used a 1903 Springfield. Now I'm not sure.
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