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Pistol repair

aramisviaramisvi Member Posts: 4,589
edited October 2013 in General Discussion
After all that searching, I finally got a hold of a replacement extractor and spring for my PA-63. Thank you to the person that suggested M&M Gunsmithing in Alabama!! $40 paid and shipped.

Received today...installed and function tested... flawless. So what started as a simple reblue of the slide turned in to a multipart replacement. New slide with all parts found on the auction side: $40, new extractor and spring: $40. labor: zero because I took it apart, so I did it myself. Lessons learned: MANY.

Range test: due to weather, I wasn't able to take it out dancing. So, I might get up early, weather providing, and do a little range test before going in to work tomorrow. Things go smoothly, it'll be nice to have her back on my side where she was meant to be.

Thanks for all the help guys. Range report and pics to be added later.
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