Your Coming "Tax Cut"...IS BOGUS.....

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...It's not actually a Tax Cut at all...more smoke and mirrors that will COST some of you rather than putting money in your pocket. I don't agree with any of this atrocious spending at ALL, but this is utter BS, as is the spending spree DC is on.

...As of April first(?) those working will be bringing home $5-$13 bucks a week more than now, bi-monthly, whatever; from Barrack Hussein Obama's "Tax Cut". Does not amount to much but heh, less taxes is always a "good" thing right...beats getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick; but this is NOT "less" taxes.

...There is a problem with his, liberals "tax cut"...it is NOT a "tax cut"...the Federal tax rate will NOT be cut/lowered...ONLY the WITHOLDING TABLES amounts/figures which your employeror use, will change...NOT THE FEDERAL TAX RATE.

...This means that YOUR employeror will only be HOLDING OUT less money per pay period for employees and with the Federal tax rate remaining the SAME...GUESS what happens comes tax time in 2010?

...The more dependents you claim thru the year, the more your "tax cut" will "appear" to be but, come tax time, look out...your tax rate will be the same, the Feds will want the SAME money as they do now; it's just that your employeror has held out less thru the year, following the new Federal Tax Witholding Table, making it APPEAR you have had a true "tax cut"...you might want to check with your tax guys before you end up owing because of the smoke & mirror "tax cut"...[;)]

...Check with your bookeeper to get the facts on this, or you may be sorry come tax time next year...especially those claiming several dependents now.



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    and obomo supporters just think he's great
    now comes the hippo and monkey with{it's about getting money in the economy now}bs
    that was a deceptive outright lie to get the stimulus plan passed
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    I was about to post the same warning My wife is in Human resources and we was just talking about it.
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    Yes, at $13 a week, $52 a month less withholding, that's over $600 a year. So people who used to get a $200 - $400 refund at the end of the year will now have to pay and extra $200-300. Those who live pay check to pay check won't have it. And then they'll say, "I thought I was getting a tax cut, I always got money back before, now I have to pay!??"
    Then the protests will grow.
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    quote:that was a deceptive outright lie to get the stimulus plan passed

    ...I agree. We all know we get shafted with ANY bailout etc., but this is a really cheap shot.

    ...Though I didn't agree with Bush's "handout" last year or any other ridiculous spending Bill, this is BS to LIE to people that are in a bind and actually NEED an extra $30-$50 bucks a month, then find out that it was only a "tax credit" they will OWE back to the Feds come tax time next year, extremely low life IMO.

    ...My bookeeper does my daughters taxes as a freebie after raping me/my company ([:D]) for so many years, I only found it out because I called him to see how he was coming along on thier taxes...and he told me I should suggest to them they drop one MAYBE two of the kids as dependents this year to maybe cover thier *'s...[;)]

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    COLT,,,,CONGRATS[:)] I thought I was the only one that figured that out/// [B)][:(!][|)][xx(][:(]....The tables will stay the same and WE WILL GET HOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not many people around here knew that and when I tried to tell them about it ,,,they seemed dumbfounded..perfect fodder for the Obamy cronies........what a crock of dung we are being fed.......screw me blind...nambu
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    But...it is all about hope and change. We all have to hope he changes before it is too late. [}:)]
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    how about the fact that none of the stupid friggin libs even read the "spendulous" package before passing it!!! What do they care, none of it will apply to them.
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    Gotta keep an eye on those buzzards.k0097602.jpg
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    You mean to tell me that a politican LIED to us?!!? If we can't trust the Goverment to tell the truth than who can we trust??
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