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So I finally go to meet Wendell, this guy is awesome. He had a stroke back in 1989! Left his right hand twisted and just about drags the right leg.

But EVERYDAY from dawn to dusk, rain or shine, hot as hell or cold this guy is out pushing his cart, picking up cans and any scrap metal laying on the side of the road.
He is no thief he only takes what people give him or put out for trash.

He moves extremely fast and is hard to keep up with even without a disability! I was out jogging and got to jog alongside him and talk with him.

Big wide grin, super nice guy and a personal inspiration to me. How many would sit home and commiserate drawing SS disability?

Why don't we go to school and work on the weekends and take the week off!


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    Hats off to Wendell.
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    an honorable guy offsetting a disability...deserve a load of RESPECT.. and maybe if his path goes by an eatery, a free lunch ....as a grade school kid i remember an old guy with twisted legs sittting on the sidewalk on the south side of the square selling pencils...i would buy one from him instead of the dime store, news office, or drug store there which carried them for sale..
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    he had an old Model T fitted with hand controls to get around town ..there was also a grocery store on the south side...loong ago
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    He has a load on that cart! The town should kick a buck to him for picking up all that crap.

    Go Wendall

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    There can be some good and honest money picking up trash others throw away. YouTube has quite a few videos featuring "dumpster divers" and curbside trash treasure hunters.

    I've shown these videos to my wife and she CAN NOT BELIEVE people throw away valuable "stuff" especially the copper wire and furniture.

    I walk everyday in the U.S. and picked up three, brand new/ with tags, heavy wire shelves, 6 feet long. The kind that would be installed in closets or garages.

    Thought they might be with the trash by mistake, knocked on the door and sure enough they were throwing them away. They are in my garage. Same thing with a ceiling fan, like new.
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    quote:Originally posted by SCOUT5
    Hats off to Wendell.

    YES, my salute.
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    Looks to be like a genuine Great American. Thank you for the post.
    What's next?
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    buy him lunch some times let him know he is making a difference

    lots of good people who refuse to let a problem hold them back

    I worked around a fellow born with one leg turned backwards worked 10 -12 hour days he was about 60 . a friend told me he remembered seeing him loading hay wagons as a kid

    he told me he was told they could fix it but he said after 60 years just leave it alone
    he was in a car wreck once he got out went to the lady that hit him she saw him walking toward the car was scared her into a panic ask if she had damaged his leg in the accident ,
    also told me he was hard to track in the snow could not tell if he was coming or going he
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    That is Awesome!! Thanks for the post.

    Go Wendell. [:D]

    People who just sit on their *, and collect $$ for doing NOTHING, should be ashamed. (Yeah right.)
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    I wonder how often people call the police on him? We have a couple scrapers that do the same thing and people call on a regular basis. We just drive on by when its a regular, wave and clear the call.
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    Got a guy like that by me. His name is Dale. Reminds me of the guy in Sling Blade, very mentally challenged. He spends his days collecting scrap, and he is the most honest guy you will ever meet. I'll loan him a few bucks whenever he is running low and he will hunt me down to pay it back. He can't do much but he still tries to do something at least.
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