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Water on his land

Promoters of Sustainable Development Deny its Agenda 21

The Project Manager for the Regional Economic Area Partnership of South Central Kansas ((REAP-SCK), Paula Downs, expects us to believe that the project has nothing to do with Agenda 21. However, the HUD funding of $1.5 million for the REAP (RAPE) project was provided under very specific requirements related to the U.N. Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development Programme. The HUD's Notice of Founding Announcement (NOFA) and the Application for the grant are very specific and HUD's account of the grant and what it is for is very clear as well.

Also some of the "core partners" of the REAP-SCK are involved in other regional sustainable development projects such as the Together We Succeed [in treason] Project 17 which is being promoted by Senator Pat Apple and Governor Brownback.

According to HUD the REAP- SCK will address the three "Es" of the United Nations' Sustainable Developme3nt / Agenda 21 Programme of Economy, Environment, and Social Equity. HUD specifically mentions the grant is for "economic and workforce development", "ensure the region's economic competitiveness" [Economy] developing "water, and air quality plans" [Environmental] "social equality", "Reduction of social and economic disparities", "populations traditionally marginalized" [Social Equity].

You will also note that the plan calls for establishing another tale tell sign of Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development that is the creation of a regional Governance Council. The very name of the entity spells it out; "Regional Economic Area Partnership." According to HUD's announcement the grant is for REAP-SCK to develop a "South Central Kansas Regional Plan for Sustainable Development." and it will bring equity to marginalized "populations within the region".

Charlotte Iserbyt, who was a Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI) of the U.S. Department of Education during President Reagan's Administration and a co-founder and research analyst of Guardians of Education for Maine (GEM) is very familiar with "regionalism". In her words "regionalism is communism".

Other experts, such as Tom DeWeese and Mike Shaw that have been following the U.N.'s implementation of Sustainable Development, agree that in large part it is being implemented by and through regional governance councils and such councils generally deal with some aspect of "planning". It can be urban planning, water planning, health care planning, community development or economic development planning.

Sustainable Development has next to nothing to do about the environment and even less to do about economic development. It is a method to implement next to total control over the citizens of this country, take away their property rights and set up Soviet (USSR) styled regional governance councils. The Sumner County Commission should be commended for doing their patriotic duty and not becoming involved in this unholy and un-American alliance.

In Remembrance of Liberty,

Richard D. Fry

General Counsel

Patriot Coalition

Legal Team

The Intolerable Acts


Resist the National Defense Authorization Act 2012

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

- Martin Luther King, Jr


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    I've been in the land use business for well over 30 years. Trust me, there's something fishy about the "sustainable development" movement. I don't like it.

    The term first appeared decades ago, and the concept was simple enough. But then it was either hijacked by liberal world-gov't control freaks, or it was a trojan horse from the beginning. It is embraced by the same folks who push Agenda 21 type issues, and think the UN will save the world.
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    Obama establishment of a Rural Development Council always seemed strange when the Secretary of Defense was a part of it.
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    I forget what I was watching last night about water. Oh I remember That Jesse Ventura show. I don't know about land but control the drinking water then you are god.

    The whole thing's playing out like the movie "Dune".
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    They have their evil tentacles into everything. These One Worlders are a cancer metastasizing through out the entire system.
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