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new project

shootlowshootlow Member Posts: 5,425
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I picked up a Walther G22 on trade at the last show. It's a blast to shoot. Accurate as all get out. Who'd of thunk it? Such a short package and a 20" barrel. Only thing wrong is the lack of a Hi Cap Mag. Well, I couldn't resist. So, I took a P22 spare mag and chopped off the top of it and a new G22 mag and chopped off the bottom of it. Added some stainless weld and "BAM" a 17 round mag that fits the rifle and the pistol. The picture doesn't do it justice. I can shoot a gun better than I can a camera.[:D] I can fit 20 in it but the first three don't feed so, a 17 round mag it is.




  • shootlowshootlow Member Posts: 5,425
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    For the past couple of weeks I've been trying to find something my son and I can work on together. There's been a lot of things that I've worked on with the house and he's always asked if he could help. Unfortunately it's always been with something that's limited him to bringing me whatever tool I needed at the time. He's not afraid to have to work, and quite often I find him tinkering around with stuff of his in the garage. I think it's time for a challenge.[;)] By the time we're done, it should look something along these lines.[}:)]

    It's a dog-eat-dog world...and nine times out of ten I have on Milk-Bone underwear.
  • shootlowshootlow Member Posts: 5,425
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    a friend said build me a BIG BBQ PIT and smoker
    this is the start[:D]
    30" O.D.X 60" with the firebox-extra pit 24" O.D. X 44"
    i will take more as it progersses i hope to be finished with it next week
  • shootlowshootlow Member Posts: 5,425
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    My Great-Grandfather's Ithaca Hammerless 12-ga, marked "Nitro Powder Steel". I've shot trap with this old girl and she's a beaut to swing. But I-don't-know-how-long ago, Great-Granddad whacked about 3/4 an inch off the butt and put a "redhead" brand slip-on recoil pad on. The thing was pretty hideous, but worse than that, it was slick and slipped up to pop you in the chin when you shot. Underneath was another, homemade recoil pad made of rubber and leather glued in layers. That was affixed to the butt with tacks and more glue.

    I've cleaned all the leather/rubber/glue mess off of the butt. The guy at the local gun shop has a used Pachmayer recoil pad. It is in perfectly good condition, but just old enough to look not-too-out-of-place on the gun.

    I've installed recoil pads before and I enjoy doing the work, but this one has me kind of nervous. It's Great-Grandad's gun, after all, and I can hear him just over my shoulder at every phase of the operation. "Go slow, son. You're not killin' snakes here." Sure, it's good advice. But this is the kind of family heirloom we had to earn the right to use. Now I'm entrusted with modifying so a new generation of shooters can earn the right.

    Wish me luck.
  • shootlowshootlow Member Posts: 5,425
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    This was my grandfaters truck that he bought new in 1969 just had it transported here not very good pictures my garage was too small to get good angles[img][/img]PICT0002.jpg[img][/img]PICT0003.jpg
  • Sig220_Ruger77Sig220_Ruger77 Member Posts: 12,748 ✭✭✭
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    Sounds fun![8D] Please do keep us updated.

  • montanajoemontanajoe Forums Admins, Member, Moderator Posts: 54,175 ******
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    Now thats gonna be one bad boy.
  • Colonel PlinkColonel Plink Member Posts: 16,460
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    SON of a...!

    That thing's giganti...

    Wait a minute, you're in Texas?

    I mean... ain't that jes' the cutest lil thang![:D]
  • frog21frog21 Member Posts: 1,745 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Are you related to Octo-mom or Jon&Kate?[:D]
  • VinhlongVet71VinhlongVet71 Member Posts: 4,605
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    THATS GONNA MAKE ONE HELL OF A COOKER! You plannin' on opening
    up a BBQ joint somewhere[:D] Won't be no need to fire the sucka up
    unless your cooking for 20+ people. Please post pics of the finished
    product. I've built cookers similar to that before, just not quite
    as large. I always keep my eyes open for junked hot water heaters
    and always check to see if they have the steel tank. If they do, they come home with me[:D]
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