Baa Baa black sheep

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My brother is a DNR officer in Iowa and relayed this comic adventure.

The guys had a night time sting going on spotlighters.

A call came in from their surveillance aircraft.

Brother and partner were first on the scene and chased the suspect vehicle. It was icy and

soon perps ride was off road and into ditch.

A guy took off on foot toward a farm. They followed close behind and saw him run into a

livestock enclosure that had a door opening into the barn. It was dark and they

approached with caution only to hear a moaning among the sounds of many sheep

running around inside the barn. When they started shining their lights around, in amongst

all the white sheep, was a very messed up black man rolling around in agony in the sheep

manure. He had run smack dab into a shin high concrete feed trough.

Brother and pard couldn't help but laugh and comment that he picked the wrong place to


True story, couldn't make up this stuff. One of his favorites.


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