Booby Trap Experts

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One of the images below is BOOBY TRAPPED
If u were to pick one up, would u depend ur life on it

Choose wisely, what would interest you the most to make an error in judgment


Just to give u an idea how
people think
This was the guesses in 2009
GB is leaning towards # 4

2009 Results

1 Bomb- 0
2 Binoculars- 1
3 Gun- 5
4 Girl- 10
5 Gold- 7
6 Jeep -2
7 Knife-1
8 Shovel-0

# 2 is ~(.)-(.)~ Trapped
In the next drawing it will show how a ww2 Binoculars was ~(.)-(.)~ Trapped

Can u guess how?



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