Mechanic help 97 Ford pickups

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Trying to replace my door handle cable and have it all disconnected except the power lock actuator rod How in tarnation does that unclip?


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    I am not much on fords , but a suggestion go to you tube type in the search area. 97 ford door handle replace repair or similar I am sure you will get all the instructions you need good luck
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    Youtube is your friend[^]
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    Thanks for the suggestions on Youtube. Was the first place I looked, same guy, showed how to do the cable but not the electric door acuator rod , he didnt do an electric one. It is a 97 f350 not the 97 on up f150,different style. Ive looked all over and the only reference I get is it clips on but is hard to see. Just wondering if any fellow 97 and older truck owners have done the same thing.
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    Not sure about your model but I had a friend come over and made the access hole a lot larger with a jig-saw so replacing was easier and I could see what I was doing, he said no problem, the inside door cover when replaced will cover the new larger hole, he was right [;)] I'm Happy [:D]
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