This worked last year so I'm doing it again!

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Some Deer Hunter's Prayers![;)][:D]

Dear Lord, please give me hunters luck,
To shoot a mighty eight point buck,
When luck like this is in the bag,
I'll have a reason then to brag.

Lord, It's that time of year again
When I go hunting with my friends

I pray you keep us safe from harm
When we're out stalking on the farm

Place a 10 point in my sights
So I can get some sleep tonight

Fill my tag and end my search
Come Sunday morning I'll be in church

Oh Great Spirit, let your winds be gentle and your skies be heavy, let there be a blanket of fresh snow to track the Antlered One as did my forefathers, and grant that I find him with antlers like a tree, branches wide and mighty.
Grant that my hand be steady, my aim be true, and my drag short.
But most of all grant that my children, and their children, and their childrens children have the wisdom to preserve your work in the forest, field, and stream, so that they too can one day hunt the Antlered One in the footsteps of their forefathers.


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