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what do you think (glenfield 75)

coltpaxcoltpax Member Posts: 8,114
edited December 2008 in General Discussion
Okay, I posted this on "ask the experts", and now i am gonna see what the everyone else (not the experts) think.

I know a guy who is selling a Glenfield 75 and wondered what yall thought. The reciever has got a little bit of surface rust, and the barrel has some surface rust on the outside. on the inside, everything looks fit and clean. He said he would sell it for $40, and i might take it if he doesn't trade it with another guy. I thought about cutting the barrel down a little bit (if its legal), refinishing it since most of the blue is wore off (probably all black heat resistant paint and just keep the wood the same) and using it as a gun to just throw behind the truck seat. What do yall think, and any tips on the refinishing?


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