Boiled Linseed Oil alarm clock...

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Put the first coat of BLO on a stock set from Ironwood designs for my Bulgarian AK74 last night. Used paper towels to wipe off the excess oil and promptly wadded them up into balls and casually tossed them in the trash can in my bedroom.

I have used BLO before and thought I was aware of the heat produced by drying rags, but I didn't realize how few rags are needed for combustion.

at about 7:30 this morning, I thought I was peacefully dreaming of a campfire, I thought I could even feel it's heat. As I slipped into awareness I quickly became aware of the vigorously flaming trashcan and a billowing plume of acrid, black smoke rising towards my ceiling...

I managed to smoke out the whole house and destroy a patch of carpet, but I did snuff it out quick enough to avoid any serious damage.

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

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    Well, atleast now I know what not to do. [:D]
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    quote:Originally posted by coltpax
    Well, atleast now I know what not to do. [:D]

    Do you mean like not doing it in the bedroom for one thing, but it may have saved his life, house, and the rifle , of course.[V]
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    BTDT, I did the same thing years ago, with linseed oil and cheesecloth. I had oiled a stock and threw the rag into a trash can in the garage. A few hours later I walked past the can and smelled smoke. I saw the rag smoking and grabbed it up. It instantly burst into flames when it hit the air. It was a very graphic lesson that I have never forgotten. Now, any oily rags go instantly out to the outside trash container, or into a sealed metal can.

    You'll never do that trick again.[:0]
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    +100. Lesson I learned also. I have a wood stove in my shop- oil finish rags or paper towels go straight into the woodstove. Self lighting!
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    When I finish a few stocks in the past, I wet down the rags with water and put them in an empty coffee can in the trash barrel outside.
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    Anyone know what actually causes this "spontaneous combustion"?
    FOUND this!

    What causes it? With linseed oil and other oils used to finish wood, including some exterior deck sealers and wood stains, heat is generated during the drying process. This is because these oils do not dry like paint (through the evaporation of a solvent or water). Instead, they dry through the same process that generates fire... oxidation.
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    Wow I would have never thought about Linseed oil causing that reaction. Glad it turned out ok.
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    I managed to smoke out the whole house and destroy a patch of carpet, but I did snuff it out quick enough to avoid any serious damage.

    Did you use your "built in" fire extinguisher?[:D]
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