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Don't let this happen too you.

cahascahas Member Posts: 4,064
edited March 2009 in General Discussion
Was over to my parent's house and was in my old room a few week's ago and saw a just about full bottle of Brut aftershave left on the dresser.
Wow, this must be about 1985 vintage i say, still a glass bottle.
Look's O.K, so i bring it home and put it in the medicine cabinet and forget about it.
Well took a shower this evening and after shaving grabbed the bottle of Brut.
Well, damn i should have given it a test sniff before sloshing it on, had an off odor too it.
Oh well, guess i'll chuck it(walk out of bathroom and wife coming home from work walks in)
Wife-what stink's? Is that you? You smell like you have been on an all night drunk! Why is your neck yellow?!!
(I run back into the bathroom and close the door and turn on the shower)
Wife through door- What is wrong with you Frank! You are scaring me!! I'm calling my Mother!!
Soo, frugality has it's limits, if anyone has any 20 + year old aftershave in your cabinet, you may want too chuck it [;)]


  • D1D1 Member Posts: 11,412
    edited November -1
    BRUT had an "off odor to it" fresh out the store.
  • jhimcojhimco Member Posts: 2,075 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Your story kind of reminds me of the movie "Anchorman" when his friend took out the bottle of "Sex Panther" and people became ill and even said it smelled like a "burning diaper"!quote:Originally posted by drjew
    BRUT had an "off odor to it" fresh out the store.
  • k_townmank_townman Member Posts: 3,588
    edited November -1
    quote:Originally posted by drjew
    BRUT had an "off odor to it" fresh out the store.

    Brut is better than month old B.O. [:(]
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