Fresno, CA gun show

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This coming weekend at the fresno fairgrounds


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    Sold 6 guns today, really did pretty well, ended up purchasing a kimber 38 super, belgium browning a5 16ga. We will see what happens tomorow... anyone else attend?
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    wow, so i really was the only one huh? guess i cant expect to see any of you today then... sunday mornings always are slow with the post church crowd coming in later... and i have some nice things for sale too...
    swarovski and burris optics,
    M1 Garand Tanker in EXCELLENT CONDITION
    2 rem 700, one of them brand new,
    1 super x model 1 for $300, i HAVE NO IDEA WHY NO ONE HAS PURCHASED THAT YET ! ITS IN 90% condition!
    and also a super x custom shop trap gun,
    Remington 870 Competition Single shot, only 5,300 ever made
    detonics (mid 80's, 98%cond) 45
    S&W 10-8 from 1982 in 98% cond 38 special
    250 rounds of new unfired 338rum brass...
    and WAY more

    (note: please do not e-mail me asking for prices/what else i have. I will post them on gunbroker as i get to them.... if you want to know come to the show and get them for CHEAP!! Fresno Fairgrounds!!!!)
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    Tom, the wife and I were there Saturday for a while. We got there too late (about quarter till nine) to get close to the Miwall booth without having to hassle with the crowd, and they were out of bulk .45 Colt by the time we got inside anyway. We did walk around looking for a while, but nothing really jumped out at me. Most guys had their "gun show prices" out, and since I worked the night before I wasn't in the mood to start bargaining at retail+. I saw one guy who had a "new" Marlin 336W ($347 at Walmart anywhere but here) he ONLY wanted $500 for. The same Winchester .44's and a .357 that were at the last couple shows (with the Big 5 $330 price tags on the boxes) for $750. I know they don't make them anymore, but I just don't think they'll be collectable in my lifetime. And $1750 for a used nickel Python without the box and papers seemed high, but maybe I'm just way out of touch with reality. Where was your table? I don't remember seeing a 10-8, that may have caught my interest. I did see a pencil barrel 10-5 with some bluing wear for $450. Again, too high for me to even start talking. Next time post where your table is or what's on it, and I'll stop by, if I go. This time was a waste of $18.
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    No, did not attend the Fresno show, however I did stop into the newly opened Bass Pro natural history museum in Manteca the other day. I could do with 2 less full body buffalo mounts an 18 mountain goats climbing the rafters for some better prices on their guns.
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