Hottest day of the summer

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Today, right now 96, awesome [8D]


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    We had our hottest day of the year here on Wednesday also 96. Mighty hot here today until a storm blew through a few minutes ago and cooled things off a bit.
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    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - The heat that has gripped Salt Lake City for much of the summer broke yet another record Friday.

    Friday's high of 97 degrees marked the 52nd day this year the city has recorded temperatures exceeding 95. That breaks the old record set in 1940 and 1961, said National Weather Service meteorologist Eric Schoening.

    We keep knocking out these records. It will probably go down as the warmest summer on record in Salt Lake City.
    -National Weather Service meteorologist Eric Schoening
    The city already set a record with the warmest July in recorded history. The 20 days of 100 degree-plus heat are one shy of the record.
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    Up in the mountains (Central NY), the temp reached the mid '70's today.

    ....yes, I'm gloating.
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    quote:Originally posted by givette
    Up in the mountains (Central NY), the temp reached the mid '70's today.

    ....yes, I'm gloating.

    and over here in Washington County, the trees started to turn color about a week or so ago.
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