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What is the legal age for a vasectomy ?

walliewallie Member Posts: 12,171
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Sex & Intimacy / 4:50 AM - Friday December 31, 2004
So shortly after my 18th birthday, I went to a eurologist about getting a vasectamy, and was basiclly laughed out of the room for being "too young".

One doc said I might be able to get one when I am 21, but that would be the absolute earliest I could get one.

I will soon be turning 21, and still want a vasectamy.

Why are doctors so discriminitory towards young people? Has anyone had a vasectamy at a young age? and how difficult was it to find a doctor to do one?

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Because he knows more about the future than you do. So many people (me included) swore they never wanted children at the age of 18. As you age and mature you change. By my late 20s, after meeting the love of my life, having a family and a future together became very, very important. I was really surprised at me, but could not deny the power of the feelings. This happens to a lot of people. The doctors know this. So they are trying to help you not make a permanent decision about your fertility until you've had enough life experience to make a truly informed decision. One of the disadvantages of youth is the certainty of opinion and feelings. Just as certain is the fact that those things will all change as you have more experience in life and learn the truths that we all must learn.

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Doctors are like this because they see so many guys who had this done at a young age and then come back for a reversal after they've married and decided they really do what a family. You would be amazed at how many times this happens and that it isn't always possible to reverse the procedure.

Until guys and gals pass their mid-twenties they're values and ideals usually change. In your case this might not be true but they are acting based on what they've seen over time and not based on one person. They've heard the reasons and then seen the results when ideals change.

It's not discrimination towards young people, it's not allowing someone to do harm to themselves at a young age and giving them time to settle on what they really want out of life.

- Response by dantesheaven, A Jock, Male, 36-45, Executive Rating Received:



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