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Kissinger?s Marching Orders: Buy Out, Dismember, D

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Kissinger's Marching Orders: Buy Out, Dismember, Destroy America
> Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

> By George Butler & Charlotte Littlefield

> Henry Kissinger is taken as a credible and influential presidential
> adviser, despite the fact that there is an abundance of legal evidence that he
> is a war criminal. He is also being pursued by Spanish and French
> authorities. When viewed from purely legal stand point, author Christopher Hitchens,
> in his book "The Trial of Henry Kissinger", points out that Kissinger was
> responsible for acts of genocide, assassination, and unlawfully interfering
> with government operations both in the United States and in foreign
> countries.
> Buy Out

> His criminal resume spans the globe and includes the mass murder of
> civilians in East Timor, Pakistan, Greece, Cyprus, Chile, Argentina, Cambodia,
> Laos, and Vietnam. In places such as Chile and Argentina, Kissinger
> supervised the assassination of democratically-elected heads of state and the
> establishment of brutally repressive and murderous military dictatorships. Some
> defend Kissinger, arguing he did what had to be done, practicing a brutal
> but necessary variant of real politics. While Kissinger's actions personally
> benefited him and his patrons, they in no way helped the United States.
> Yet, somehow he remains a credible adviser?
> Henry Kissinger does not represent the citizenry of the United States of
> America but the Bilderberg Group. He recently attended the Bilderberg
> Steering Committee from June 9-12, 2011 in St. Moritz, Switzerland. This
> steering committee, it is fair to say, likely includes North Atlantic Treaty
> Organization (NATO), the king of Norway, all the other monarchs of Europe and
> other kingdoms of significance, sovereign wealth funds, international
> corporatists, world financiers and bankers, their families and their associates.
> This includes members of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign
> Relations, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.
> Naturally, infrequent attendees, or pre-selected people of interest, are
> heavily indoctrinated, even pressured, into pursuing and supporting Public
> Private Partnerships (PPP), which effectively transfer public assets and
> resources into private hands. The PPPs are promoted on the premise of
> creating more efficient organizations that will provide goods at lower costs and
> provide more efficient services. In some cases, the outcomes initially do
> effectively create good results, but the ownership transfer from public to
> private has significant legal consequences.
> Despite his potential apprehension and conviction as a war criminal,
> Kissinger was honored June 15, 2011 at The Asia Society annual awards dinner at
> the Ritz-Carlton in Washington D.C. Kissinger appeared on stage in front
> of an Asia Society audience with Orville Schell, a preeminent China scholar,
> and Arthur Ross, director of the Asia Society's Center on the U.S.
> Kissinger made these comments during the dinner: that the United States
> and China must "adjust their traditional thinking" and "move toward a sense
> of community" in order to avoid conflict. "We are now in an international
> situation for which there is no precedent in history." . "On the one
> hand, there is turmoil in many parts of the world. At the same time, there are
> a series of problems that can only be dealt with on a global basis. . And
> that makes it imperative for the two strongest nations that are existing in
> the world today to move in a cooperative manner."
> In this video, "Henry Kissinger: Toward a China U.S. Community", he
> makes a case for facilitating the investment, acquisition and buy out with the
> Chinese-Communists of the United States so they will own all of America,
> via Public Private Partnerships.
> Dismember
> The dismemberment of America is proceeding. "Divide and conquer" has
> been the internationalist and monarchical battle cry. Victory is assimilation,
> not division or separatism on our primary principles of liberty, justice
> and freedom. American heritage is to be the great "melting pot", not the
> great "salad bowl". We no longer have Americans, but African-Americans,
> Hispanic-Americans, Anglo-Americans, Asian-Americans, Native Americans and so
> on and so forth.
> America is being dismembered. United we stand with our Federal
> Constitution, Bill of Rights and our righteous Declaration of Independence which
> proclaims with the greatest of authority "all men are created equal and endowed
> by their creator with inalienable rights". In this equation is the sacred
> requirement of state, individual and minority rights. Both dictatorial
> theocracy and monarchy blocked under our collection of founding documents and
> contracts. To be American means it is self-evident that we are created
> equal, and we proclaim our inalienable rights provided by natural law of our
> Creator.
> Tragically, our taxpayer-funded Public Broadcast Systems, along with
> Aspen Institute vultures, are looking upon us from their perches. Presumably,
> they have bestowed a great gift upon America: the concept of
> multiculturalism. But what is needed is an America enlivened and united to defend the
> principles of our founding document, not separatist division by ethnicity,
> religion or creed. United we stand, divided we fall.
> Destroy
> Destroy America's founding principles and those who still profess those
> principles and presumably the country will be destroyed. Stalin and Antonio
> Gramsci differed in their strategy in spreading Communism. Gramsci believed
> that the first priority was to culturally defeat the west's institutions,
> and than the nations would fall to the Communists. Sadly, that is what the
> old monarchies and international bankers have done in destroying our
> institutions with money-based systems. These money-based systems have no heart
> and no soul, but consist of corporate structures that seemingly garner the
> same rights of a flesh-and-blood natural person.
> Corporate law has to be seriously reconsidered, major revisions applied,
> and profound principle changed. The Uniformed Commercial Code (UCC),
> contrary to the power elite, is not what rules the United States of America, nor
> are any of our principles of government to be taken from it. However, the
> erosion and conversion is obvious and nearly complete.
> If the Constitution is a living breathing document, then that implies
> that it can also die. Contracts do not live or die. They are amended by
> agreement of all parties to the contract; hence why the concept of the
> Constitution being a "living, breathing" document is illogical and dangerous. What
> is required today is an unburdening of ourselves from unconstitutional
> legislation, executive orders, and the subversive influence of Uniformed
> Commercial Code.
> Further, we must not only recognize, but reverse, the very real transfer
> of power that has occurred from the legislative branch to the judicial; but
> more dangerously, the executive branch as with the power to wage war or
> the supposed nullification of the great Posse Comitatus Act of June 18, 1878.
> We must change the laws concerning what rights international and local
> corporations have in our land and nullify the cumbersome liberty-stealing UCC
> (and other Uniform Codes) as required. Last but not least, we must no
> longer tolerate the over-empowered Federalists, backed by big money, dictating
> to us, the grassroots (and State political parties) who we will or will not
> endorse for either party's Presidential candidate via the Electoral
> College.
> Solutions
> 1. Unburden the U.S. Constitution by repealing damaging legislation.
> 2. Uphold protection of state, individual and minority groups' rights.
> 3. Step back from tyrannical federalism and collectivism.
> 4. Demand an audit of - and an end to - the privately-owned Federal
> Reserve.
> 5. Uphold man's freedom from theocracy and monarchy.
> 6. Demand an end to public-private partnerships.
> 7. Support nullification movement.
> 8. End the top-down dictatorial nature of the two-party system.
> 9. People use the Electoral College, not the federalist top-down approach.
> George Butler and Charlotte Littlefield are the talk radio co-hosts of
> The Secret Truth, which airs every Saturday evening, from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
> CST on GCN. Or listen On Demand anytime. Butler is also a playwright, having
> written the musical drama Give Them A Chance, which debuted in Austin,
> Texas in June 2007.


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