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Whoops! I am so worried about making sure the better half's car is in top running shape, that I sometimes neglect my poor ole' truck. Went to start her up last Sunday afternoon(after sitting 3 days in the cold at my parents house during hunting season) and she wouldn't start. Threw the battery on the charger for a few minutes and got it fired up. Found the date on the battery and it is an 02'. My truck is an 03', so she still has the original battery in her. Been running fine the past few days, but I think it is time to put a new battery in before winter hits us hard. Any suggestions? This is for a GMC Sierra 1500 that MUST start in these cold WI winters.

Well, I made it to Friday with the battery. Did some looking around and studying. Ended up putting in the largerst Super Start that would fit in my truck. 800 CCA's, which is 100 more then the original battery. Hopefully it will serve me well. Thanks guys.



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    I put two Super Start's in my truck last year from O'Reilly. Sealed maintenance free, and made by Interstate.
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    We have a 2003 Chevy Suburban for a delivery vehicle at the store I work at and our truck had hesitated a couple of times about three weeks ago (and it was still warm outside).
    The next week I'd mentioned it to the Asst. Store Manage and she'd agreed w/my observations and told her bosses and nothing happened.
    Another manager was doing deliveries during the school/work let out/ rush hour and the truck died and it took him a bit to restart.

    This past Sunday the truck would't start and I got it 'jumped' and up to Auto zone for a new battery. The old battery was the original battery for the truck. The new battery was $90 at AutoZone w/install..

    As for your situation, try charging the battery at home and hoping it'll last a bit longer or shop around online or physically at you parts/battery stores for the battery you'll need.[:I]
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    IMO...If you want the best go Deka. Interstate works as well also. You could find the cheapest one on the market, and it will work a couple of years as well. It's just a matter of how much you want to spend.

    The batteries with a little dot on them, that shows green if it's good or bad is a joke. Purely a sales pitch, because it's only telling you what's going on in that one single cell.
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    Have had great luck with AutoZone Duralast Gold - the top of the line. Good for 8 years but I replace after 5, and get credit applied to a new one.
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    get the largest cca (COLD CRANKING AMP) and the most reserve you can get that will still fit in your battery compartment
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    I've had really good luck with NAPA Legend and Exide batteries. I've seen some of those last 10 years in WI.
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    look for battery's to go through the roof, last year old battery's were $1.50 ea today some are paying $7.50 ea, this breaks down to higher lead cost = higher battier cost and everything made with lead like bullets [:0]
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    There are a few things in this world it is wise to buy the best of, and a truck battery is one of them. I always buy the biggest that will fit in the box.
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    I've been getting good service from Autozone Duralast Gold on road vehicles and O'Reilly on the farm tractors. I did buy a pair of Interstates for one tractor because the farm store was the only one that had what fit when I needed them. My experience has been that original equipment GM batteries last quite well as long as they're not run completely down at any time.
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    Batteries are VERY OLD Technology - In My Experience, they almost always conk out just around their Warrantee date. Any Battery is very (almost Indistinguishably) similar. So, I buy the Longest Warrantee wherever is wholesale priced, closer to my home. I also follow the same routine as Scout5 or JWB - I measure the Battery Tray and Underhood Clearance, and install the Largest DUAL TERMINAL battery that will safely fit. The reserve provided by having Larger Volume Battery helps crank in the cold, helps keep system Voltage Up in the face of cold, and high-electrical draw. I have GPS, HAM Radio, Lighting, Winch, and Audio System Current Draws not anticipated by original designers.
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    Just put two new Interstates in yesterday. Good experience at Sam's, the place where you have to pay to shop.

    Old batteries had been a little sluggish. Had them checked and one had a dead cell.

    The guy said they had some warranty left, and they could give me a pro rate adjustment on the bad one.

    I said my experience had been bad with just replacing one. He said okay, we'll adjust both.

    I got two new batteries, paid for one.
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    quote:Originally posted by bartman45
    Have had great luck with AutoZone Duralast Gold - the top of the line. Good for 8 years but I replace after 5, and get credit applied to a new one.
    +1 Get the 34-78 1000 cca's It's a duel post top and side.You use the side posts,but it's easier to jump start someone having the top post as well.
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    "This is for a GMC Sierra 1500"..........keep the battery, get a ford[}:)]
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    Yea when looking for a replacement battery. Look closely at the CCA's. Especially what it is rated for at 0 degrees. A battery that is rated to put out 650 CCA's at 32 degrees. May only put out 250 CCA's a 0.

    Myself I have always liked and had good luck with Deka batteries. I have ones that are rated 1020 CCA's at 32* and 875 CCA's at 0* with 75 minutes reserve in all of our cars and trucks. The local tire shop sales them for just $110.00 each. One thing I really like about them is they have both, a top and side post. Makes for easy work when jump starting someone or connecting a charger if needed or adding a connection straight to the battery when you want to bypass the key switch (12 volt aux outlets, CB radio etc).
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    I've had good luck with Interstate in the past. When it comes time to replace the factory one in my jeep I may decide to go with one of the Optima's http://www.optimabatteries.com/optima_products/redtop/index.php

    You can mount them in any position, maintenence free, 36 month warranty and the red one for my Jeep at least has up to 720 CCA's in zero degree's. You can also double stack them for winch use. My mom had to get a new battery in the truck and went with one-no problems.
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    +1 for Optima. Best battery out there IMHO. I have one in my 2000 Chevy truck and used them exclusively in my race cars.
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