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Fork it over, buddy

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one of the lesser known events in the Highland Games format is the "shief toss".. the athlete uses either a 2 or 3 prong pitchfork to toss the shief, a burlap bag stuffed with baling twine=approximately 16 pounds or more over a cross bar... 3 attempts are allowed to make the heighth. winner is who throws highest. the picture shows a local guy, 6 ft 3 240 pounds throwing the bag over the crossbar set at 32 feet. the world's record throw is 38 feet. Justin could not get it over 34 feet.

other events include the "weight for distance" a 56 pound or 42 pound ball with handle throw horizontally.

weight over bar[height] a 56 or 42 pound object throwwn vertically over a crossbar
the familiar Kaber toss, this case a 19 foot long log, 90 pounds or more, flipped as to land closest to a straight away path as possible. a lesser score results if the flipped log is angled in any direction but straight away from the athlete
the Braemer stone toss. just raw power tossing a 32 pound stone for distance, no movement is allowed across the "ring"

the "open stone for distance" a 16 pound stone, movement allowed, usual0825121429_0001_zpsblt3c8hh.jpgly a "shot put style" throw is used

amd ;astly the Scottish hammer toss. heavy and light hammers. contestants rotate and toss a steel ball attached to a handle for distance. one is 28 pounds the lighter is 16 pounds.


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