Range report tomorrow morning hopefully...

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If I can get up and going early tomorrow morning, I will try and get you guys a range report on a couple of my .45's. The "fixed" XDs .45 and my new M&P fullsize .45.

It all depends on if I can get out of bed. Long story short, the wife and I went out to eat and then stopped at K-Mart late last night. We figured it wouldn't be too busy, but wanted to check out the Black Friday "Leftovers". I ended up picking up a small adjustable dumbbell set for $19.99(regularly $69.99) and started working out today. I am already a bit sore to say the least. [:D][}:)] My first ever Black Friday purchase(in-store anyways). [:D]

I missed everyone on Turkey Day, so I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! [:)]



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