squirrel hunting update

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ok so all week no squirrels, many hours in the woods.... today as i smoke on my aunts back deck, I see the furry like tree rat, so I stick my head in the door and say hey there a squirrel im gonna shoot it so dont freak out whne you hear a gun shot..... so i go to my truck to get my gun out of it.... and WTH I have somehow managed to lock my keys in my truck lol.... fast forward 10min i have gotten the doors open and the gun out..... and as you prolly have guessed the 1 squirrel i have seen all week is gone no where to be seen.... so i walk down there to where i saw him and low and behold doves... i like dove... so i get my phone google dove season real quick.... yeah season is closed until dec 7th lol. At this point its quite funny to me.
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