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Just made contact with a brother

cce1302cce1302 Member Posts: 9,555 ✭✭✭
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Ben and I served in Iraq together in 2005. Most of the 7 months we were there, we were roommates & worked together.

Last week, one of my sailors handed me a book and told me I had to read it. I noted that the author and Ben had the same last name. A few more clues told me that he and Ben are brothers.

Found Ben on linkedin the other day and sent him a message to call me. He lives & works here in DC as well. He called me tonight and he's bringing his wife over for dinner next week.

It's great to be back in touch with him.


  • eastbankeastbank Member Posts: 4,215
    edited November -1
    good for you and your brother in arms, i have missed that in my war. but i have a older brother and brother in law who served in vietnam so we can talk and after close to 50 years we can laugh and cry together when we get together at familey reunions and the holidays. my myopic.
  • catgunguycatgunguy Member Posts: 6,089
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    Nice story. I hope you two will have a good time.
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