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Trump told at rally "no time for National Anthem"

beneteaubeneteau Member Posts: 8,553 ✭✭✭
edited May 2016 in General Discussion
During his opening speech, Trump addressed the roaring crowd and then said, "I got here and they all said we have a great crowd but we don't have time for the national anthem. I said, `Yes we do, we have time for the national anthem.'"



  • fishkiller41fishkiller41 Member Posts: 50,608
    edited November -1
    Their will ALWAYS be time for the National Anthem,as far as I'm concerned!!![:(!]
  • nutfinnnutfinn Member Posts: 12,804 ✭✭✭
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  • Smitty500magSmitty500mag Member Posts: 13,614 ✭✭✭✭
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    "Security was heightened because of the violent protests at his New Mexico rally on Tuesday night. There, anti-Trump crowds lit items on fire and hurled them at police, reportedly injuring several law enforcement officers."

    What the hell? If there were protesters hurling items on fire at police during a democrat rally the world would stop turning but yet we let these sorry POS get away with this stuff. [:(!]
  • roswellnativeroswellnative Member Posts: 9,963 ✭✭✭
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    Trump !
    Although always described as a cowboy, Roswellnative generally acts as a righter of wrongs or bodyguard of some sort, where he excels thanks to his resourcefulness and incredible gun prowesses.
  • 96harley96harley Member Posts: 4,228
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    All bused in and paid for the democratic national committee.
  • JamesRKJamesRK Member Posts: 25,672 ✭✭✭
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    That looks a little too much like a setup to me.
    The road to hell is paved with COMPROMISE.
  • Missouri Mule K30Missouri Mule K30 Member Posts: 2,095 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    Lets do not put them in FEMA Camps, let the Sheriff Joe Arpaio put them up for a few months.[;)]
    And they wonder why we hold the Constitution so DEAR. They can exercise their rights up the point of being a MOB.
    The LINE...---"THE LAWS"---... should have been drawn at ferguson by the local Police, with the help of the State Troopers. And IF need be the Governor HAS the responsibility of Quelling any public disturbance, RIOT.
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