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Microwave Warning

Franz?Franz? Member Posts: 2,628 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited August 2016 in General Discussion
The Rochester Police & Fire Departments couldn't identify the odor that was causing people's eyes to water, and coughing, the building was evacuated and Haz8Mat responded.
Haz8Mat has an onboard toilet and shower facility, and you never know what you might need on the HalfMillion Dollar truck.

Upon further investigation the odor was determined to be Hot Peppers being improperly roasted in a microwave oven.

Sicilian Firemen were called to the scene to instruct the PuertoRican on proper pepper roasting technique.

Later announcement from the Department Spokesfyno indicates overkill became necessary because the first company on scene saw a sealed 55 gallon drum in the apartment, so they had to evacuate till they could determine sans Search Warrant what the drum contained for public safety.

Drum turned out to contain clothing the owner didn't want exposed to rats, mice, cockroaches and other migrant creatures.
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