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I have a VERY old Winchester 410, Model 42, and the serial number is 2638 (yes, that's correct)......it is in as good of shape as can be expected for something this age that has been used.... a few minor scratches but no rust. My Dad borrowed it from a friend in 1952 for me to use to go dove/quail hunting with him and the friend gave it to me the following year. It handles 3" shells and has a full choke.
Any ideas as to this gun's worth ? THANK YOU !!!


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    Need more info. Barrel length, choke, etc. Can you post a pic??
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    There's a couple in the "Gun Digest Magazine"; one with vent rib and one with plain barrel listed as 97%+ and going for $2650 & $2150 respectively. This seller has a reputation for being a little high though.
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    In addition to more (better) information, pictures would really help. The Model 42 is highly collectable, and they can bring very good $$$$ if in original (unaltered) condition.
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    Hello bthomas: Well you have a "1st year 42". these were/are some of the best!

    Since you could only have a 26 or 28 in. barrel, plain or with a solid rib. So as to value, in average condition for a "plain barrel full choke" about $950-$1200. Add about $100 for a 28in. barrel.

    A solid ribbed gun, about $2400-$3200. These have gone through the roof in the last 3 years, not many come up for sale.

    Of course there were several varations, most came with plain walnut pistol grip butt stock and a grooved forearm. If you have an "english butt stock" or checkered stocks, this will add significantly to the value.

    Regards Dave
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    In my neck of the woods, Southern Illinois, the cheapist one I saw lately sold privately for $900 an it was mechanicaly good but cosmeticly very poor.
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    I gave some thought to this one but I would have to drive too far.
    Once to buy it & then again to pick it up after the waiting period.
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