Reblued 1911 Colt value?

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I have a Colt 1911 Government model that according to a couple of references was made in 1919. Some where in its life the pistol has been reblued and given a new set of grips. I am assuming that all the other parts are original to the pistol. It is 100% functional and the bore is dark with shallow rifling but no pitting. What would something like this be worth? I know the reblueing drops its value. I picked it up about 6 years ago for $600. I am debating about having some work done to snazz it up but don't want to do it if it is worth a lot of money.


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    It depends on what someone is looking for and what they are willing to pay for it. I personally would pay what market is for a shooter in that condition due to its rebluing. Someone else may be willing to pay much more.

    You may want to do search of the auctions for 1911's of that vintage and look at the bids. I found two, one that bidders went up to $1100 and another that went to $1800. Neither met the reserve, however, the condition of the pistols were different and one was not all original.
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    i have a 1918 that i give 500.00 for about 10 years ago it was reblued nicely all the marks are clean even the eagle head all parts were correct ..i was happy with the buy it is still in the safe[^]
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    It will never be collectible. rsnyder is right, some folks are paying relatively high prices for reblued guns, but I think they will find it difficult to get their money out of them.

    If it were mine, I'd have it parked & put in a new USGI replacement barrel. That way, it would like like it had been arsenal rebuilt (as most of them were), & it would be a nice looking "shooter".


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    If it's a 1911, it was not phosphated ("Parkerized") when new,
    and in fact, '11A1's weren't until quite late in their production.
    Are you SURE it has been re-blued? It makes a very large difference
    in value. I'd suggest a good text on the subject. There's no substitute for solid information!
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