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Curious Shoulder Holster Design

wisgro1wisgro1 Member Posts: 6 ✭✭
edited October 2014 in Ask the Experts
Purchased an old shoulder holster that has an unusual design. The seller knew nothing about it. My 1938 Walther PP,7.65 fits nicely. The holster has 2 loops; 1 is about 14 inches long, the other about 9 inches. I'm not a large person, about 5'9", medium build. I cannot get the 9 inch loop over my arm and up to my shoulder. I can get the 14 inch onto my left shoulder but the belt loop is then about 6 to 7 inches above my belt and there is no room under my arm to remove the pistol. The holster is very well built, 8oz leather with solid brass knob for the pistol hold down strap and metal reinforcement strip between 2 layers of leather just under the top opening. Someone smeared what could have been black paint over the original brown leather in different places. The name "J.W. Dafrio" was stamped near the top edge. There doesn't appear to be anything missing. Click the drop box link to a zip file containing photos. Shoulder


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