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Trade: Sig .1911-22 for Bersa Thunder Combat 380?

beantownshootahbeantownshootah Member Posts: 12,776 ✭✭✭
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Posted - 10/05/2014 : 3:48:32 PM

I have a NIB Sig 1911-22 .22lr and have been offered a NIB Bersa .380 Combat model with 2 sets of grips and 2 7 rd mags and an extended 15 rd mag, I think it is 15 rd. Also included is 1 box of personal defense .380 ammo and 1 or 2 boxes of PMC fmj ammo. Would you make the trade? Thanks in advance.
I'm re-opening this because I disagree a little bit with the expert "consensus" from the first round.

NIB "normal" Sig 1911-22 is around $300 on the auction site here. Used ones maybe about $250. Bersa .380 combat is ALSO about $300 NIB including one extra mag standard. Used ones vary a bit in price from around $180-240 or so, but median seems to be about $200.

So all else being equal, SIG seems to hold its value better on resale, and should be worth a little more. On the other hand, the Bersa has quite a few nice extras added in here, and that does alter the math a bit:

Extra grips weren't described, but assuming they're ordinary Bersa plastic ones in a "normal" color, they're probably worth $15. If they're nice figured wood, they could be worth quite a bit more (and would sweeten this deal quite a bit, I'd say). NIB 15 Round OEM Bersa .380 magazine is $40(+). Not sure it "should" be, but that's the price. A box of 50 PMC .380s is worth at least $20 right now, and a box of 20 or 25 decent premium "defense" type .380s, at least that again. Assuming three (not two) boxes, that's potentially $60+ worth of ammo alone.

If you add these things up, even assuming used prices on the guns as true value (instead of new) the Bersa package is still worth more than the SIG. Not a huge amount more, but you certainly wouldn't be "behind" doing the trade. If you didn't want the extra grips or extended magazine, you could sell those.

To me it comes down mostly to which gun you'd rather own, a PPK-like .380 or an alloy frame .22LR 1911?

If you were interested in a PPK like .380 for concealed carry, I'd say this is a perfectly good trade. Bersa doesn't quite enjoy the reputation of some of the other gun makers, but the guns themselves are solid, and with the extras, this is a good (though not stellar) deal. You could definitely do worse.

Personally, I'd pass, but only because the PPK like .380s are just not a type of gun that I'm personally inclined to carry or shoot for fun. Although a zinc-alloy .22LR 1911 isn't all that great either, the SIG labelled one does look pretty snappy, and I actually would get some use out of it, if even mostly as a "loaner" to friends I take shooting.
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