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HawkshawHawkshaw Member Posts: 1,016 ✭✭
edited January 2012 in Ask the Experts
After a few query's here, I just received a Baikal, SXS, in .45-70. Since, I could not find a lot of information, on these guns, I thought I would post my first impressions.

The overall quality, I would rate as very high. The wood quality is about what you would get from a REM, or WIN. these days. It is finished in a satin oiul finish, with all of the wood pores being filled. The wood to metal finish is very good also, with the wood being slightly proud as you would expect. The checkering is pretty good, with no missing diamonds, but a touch-up with a checkering file is in order Wood finish to recoil pad is also very good, but the pad itself could be duplicated with a piece of old truck tire, (very hard, it has to go).

The metal to metal fit is also very good. The action fit is very tight, and will need some useage to loosen up a tad. The action release lever is very tight at the 5:30 position.

The polish, on the metal, is not as high as a Browning, Wby. or a BDL, but very uniform, and very acceptable. The blueing itself, is perfect, as far as I can see. Mabey best of all is the fact that the space between the two barrels, is nicely covered by a rib on top, and a formed metal plate on the bottom.

Unfortunately, there is no information on the regulation device, as to which way to turn it to move which Bbl, which direction. Hopefully I'll get this puppy to the range soon. OH, yes, the balance, and shouldering of the gun is also very good. HAWKSHAW


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    Riomouse911Riomouse911 Member Posts: 3,492 ✭✭✭
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    Cool deal. I have a Baikal O/U 20 gauge that is Ok in the looks dept. The wood/metal is only OK, the checkering is coarse, and there is sloppy finish work on the sides of the barrels where the metal piece is soldered between them to fill the gap. The recoil pad must be from the same batch on mine, I bet I could get 60,000 miles on it before needing to replace this one. The action is still stiff after about 700 rounds, but better than it was day one.

    I got it because if I dropped it or it fell over in the field (which I have done) I won't go into a seizure if it gets a ding (like a Superposed or Athena). I'm guessing their QC got better with time, and you've got the benefit from it.

    Let us know how it shoots! I have no idea how strong they are so I'm guessing you'll have to use trapdoor level loads, which are a hoot in my 1985g. (Stout loads in the Marlin are not!)
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