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Companion Carry Option para ordnance

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Companion Carry Option para ordnance
what is this about
what does it refer to?????


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    beantownshootahbeantownshootah Member Posts: 12,776 ✭✭✭
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    quote:Companion Carry Option para ordnance
    what is this about
    what does it refer to?????

    On thread on this is probably enough. See here:

    Obviously, the gun is intended for concealed carry. Why did Para call this "companion carry option" instead of "concealed carry option" (or something else)?

    I have no idea; go ask their marketing dept.

    Its probably worth mentioning that Para still offers what I believe is effectively the same gun as part of their LDA (that's "light double action") series, only now its not called "CCO" anymore. So maybe they don't think the name "CCO" is cool either! I think Para has done this name-changing thing with other models in the past, too.

    On the gun itself, while I don't have any conceptual problem with a double-action only 1911 (some do), I personally don't like the idea of a double-action-only gun with an external safety. IMO, the point of DAO is that the heavy trigger pull acts as its own safety, mooting the need for an additional external one. If revolvers are OK with no manual external safety (let alone Glocks), this should be, right?

    That said, many individuals do like the LDA trigger system.

    Per my last post, IMO .45GAP is gimmicky. If your hands are too small for .45ACP, then .40 SW should work just fine.
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