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Win 100 Recall

HawkshawHawkshaw Member Posts: 1,016 ✭✭
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I'm sure, that I am late to the party, but is there a way I can tell if the firing pin has been replaced per the recal. I know I can call Win. on Monday, but I was hopefull that there is a plan "B" available. IIRC. Rem. would stamp the receiver well on their recalls. THX for the help.


  • nononsensenononsense Member Posts: 10,934 ✭✭✭✭
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    The following is Wisner's rendition & info on the subject.

    The difference in the old firing pin and the new one is as follows. The old replaced style, was totally lathe tuned (round). While the new recall style is similar in lathe turning on the front and back, but in the front midsection it has two flats milled, one on each side. This makes the center section stronger. Also replaced is the bolt sleeve lock pin (firing pin guide) which was made to accommodate this different shaped firing pin

    Part number for the new parts are, firing pin =1391ND, bolt sleeve locking pin =1491ND

    The word was at the time this recall was in process was that if the firing pin would break at the mid section and still remain in the gun as two pieces, the possibility of a premature discharge before the bolt was locked was possible. This apparently was caused by the firing pin tip (now not having a retracting spring) to be stuck forward, and thereby slam-firing the cartridge upon chambering.

    The responsibility for the recall apparently was on Olin, as they were the parent company at time of manufacture. Olin set up regional recall centers at three established US gunshops. There was a manufacturing delay in the replacement firing pins, and a backlog occurred, also some collectors did not like the idea of shipping their guns long distances. Olin then also authorized other gunshops to make the required alterations. Upon completion of the recall, the shops were to test fire the firearm and to stamp an assigned letter on the inside top of the receiver as seen thru the magazine well with the bolt retracted. The letter "B" represented Bolsa Gunsmithing, "L" was Lefever, and "N" was for Nu-line Guns. The letter "X" apparently was for all the other independent shops. However this identification information did not get communicated to some of the smaller shops at the start of the project. The only way to tell if the gun as been modified, if the "letter" is not present, is to take the barrel & action out of the stock, remove the trigger guard assembly and the try to rotate the firing pin by twisting it. If it does NOT rotate, then the firing pin recall HAS been performed.

  • shooter10shooter10 Member Posts: 461 ✭✭✭
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    A few months ago, I was in a gun shop and noticed a nice Model 100. I asked the manager if it had gone through the recall. He said he did not know about a recall. So I called Winchester and a very pleasant lady said this gun's serial number was not ever corrected for the firing pin. She said she would send him a new firing pin to install and a $30 check to cover the gunsmith charge for installation. This was in about July.
  • gunnut505gunnut505 Member Posts: 10,290
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    Thought this was about the recall for the soft metal of the receiver; wouldn't a rifle with a letter stamped into the softer receiver eventually wear off the stamping?
  • MIKE WISKEYMIKE WISKEY Member, Moderator Posts: 9,746 ******
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    "Thought this was about the recall for the soft metal of the receiver; wouldn't a rifle with a letter stamped into the softer receiver eventually wear off the stamping?"...............NOPE, THE ONLY THING THE M-100 WAS RECALLED FOR WAS THE FIRING PIN. YOU HAVE TO SUPPLY THE SER.# TO GET THE NEW PIN.
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