Smith model 13

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Anyone have any info on this revolver?
Whats one worth?
What years were they made.
How many (not sure what you call them, revisions??) dash 1, dash two etc.

Looking at buying a 4" blued one. Not sure if its a dash-1 or whatever. Looks to be in 95-98%


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    The blue book says the 4 inch was discontinued 1998. I think it's a good solid gun though I'd rather have adjustable sights. I'd bet the auction side will give a good idea of the value.
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    The Model 13 was/is a 357 Magnum version of the time tested M&P Model 10. You could think of it as a fixed sight bull barrel version of the Model 19. It takes all the K-frame accessories - grips, speed loaders etc. This would make a fine utility revolver and it has the advantage of being able to use .38 Special for most shooting and reserving the full-house stuff for emergency situations.
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    Great gun. The three inch model was the last FBI revolver before they went the other way....like 1974-87 or so. I have two...one I shoot and the other NIB. I bought mine new one day at the gunshop when a guy walked in with the two NIB. Gave $600 for the pair...but about ten years ago so today I would imagine they have appreciated some. Great balance, super timing, sometimes CC mine. You can check on the GB Auction side but I would think they are worth at least $400 or so NIB. 13-4 in 1988 last dash. Hope this helps[:)]
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    thanks guys...
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    Yesterday I saw a 3" in great shape at my local shop, barely any cylinder line, no rust or pits etc...I didn't NEED it, but the WANT won out. I ended up paying 500 out the door (425 for gun, plus tax, background fee).
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