Need help with Marlin stock?

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I bought an old '93 Marlin SRC that someone had put a varnish that has stain in the varnish on the wood! I was able to strip the wood without sanding, and i was wondering what the correct finish is for the stock, i want to make it look as original as i can again?
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    I would go with a lot of coats of an oil, either tung or boiled linseed;however, as stated, a lot of very thin coats. I just refinished a 39A trying TruOil, and unless you knock down the gloss, it will look very glossy. I did, and it's not bad and probably highly protective, but not the look from an old style oil finish.
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    Maybe i'll try the tung oil, it's pretty thin, and i'll be able to control the thickness. I'm not in a hurry, so i could let it dry good in between coats. What is done between coats, sand or a fine steel wool, or nothing?
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