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Charles Daly OU ejector problems

burdz19burdz19 Member Posts: 4,145
edited October 2008 in Ask the Experts
I have a Charles Daly 12 ga OU, not sure of age but SN is 3888##, BC Miroka made. Would like to find out age if possible, but haven't seen anywhere to date the Daly's. More important though, I took it in to a gunsmith here in Fort Worth, because the ejectors weren't consistantly kicking out the empties. Now the ejectors work perfectly, but it won't break open after it has been fired. I have to break it over my knee, wouldn't be that bad for a few rounds in the field but, I am using it to shoot sporting clays and can hardly walk by the end of round! I understand the ejectors and breakover are related, but is there anything I can adjust myself to save another $150 trip to the gunsmith? or worse yet, have to buy a newer gun. The look and feel of that old Daly are great.


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