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I've had this old side-by-side 12 for a while now, never get to hunt it so was thinking of passing it on. But here's the rub, take it to the local shops and they act like I've walked in with five day old fish. Heck, one guy acted like he didn't even want to get his fingerprints on it. So, where do I go to get this thing checked-out in SoCal - if for no other reason than to get a solid insurance est?


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    Fox Sterlingworth are very good SXS shotguns they are good quality but not the top of the Fox shotgun line However if yours is in good shape and a 20 Ga. the guy may be afraid to get his fingerprints on it and damage the value A good condition with ejectors will Start at $1000.00
    go to the auction side of GunBroker and do a search on all gategory the word STERLINGWORTH it will bring up dozens of FOX STERLINGWORTH
    shot guns for sale look at one that have bids that will give you a good idea of what they are bringing as to bids. Pay no attention to the ones with zero bids. compare the pictures of ones offered for sale with the condition of yours
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    Can you post photos a Fox Sterlingworth can run from 300.00 to 2000.00 depending on condition and options.
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    A one time offer. As an 01 and have been dealing typically in higher
    grades - sxs, and in So Ca-email me through my profile. I will give you one estimate for insurance. No charge.
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    A precautionary note,,,,,

    Check with your insurance company as to what if not who they will accept 'appraisals' from. There's folks in this world who will 'lowball' an estimate/appraisal and then offer to buy with a slight premium.

    Also, 'collectables' in most cases have to be 'scheduled' on your policy before you have coverage. Most home insurance has a maximum dollar amount they will pay for firearms whether it's one or many. Thus, additional coverage must be purchased for collectables and/or higher dollar amounts than provided in the policy. Generally, the additional cost is very reasonable.
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